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The Luxurite All sizes Outdoor Weather Resistant LCD TV

Now, many families prefer to move to the outdoor kitchen, a pleasant evening together with the children together. If you can meet the child watching television cartoons, When they play in the outdoor swimming pool, They will be more like playing with you. but, Ordinary television is not suitable for outdoor environment, LUXURITE outdoor TV that Weather Resistant LCD TV is the best choice.
The LUXURITE outdoor Weather Resistant Outdoor TV is the high-definition television suitable for permanent installation and use outdoors. The size of all LUXURITE outdoor weather resistant LCD TV: 42″, 47″, 52″, 55″, 65″, 70 inch and 82 inch.
Luxurite is the best outdoor tv brand manufacturers, Luxurite outdoor TV is a high-end audio visual product that’s designed dedicatedly for outdoor all weather environment performance. LUXURITE outdoor Televisions were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand.
Weather Resistant Outdoor TV
The outdoor Weather Resistant lcd TV
The bright full-HD 1080p LCD screen with 120 Hz frame rate is integrated into an allweather exterior that protects the internal components from rain, dirt, insects and scratches. Anti-Reflective Window reduces glare, increases contrast and protects the LCD screen. The Detachable Speaker Module, control buttons and remote control are also water- resistant The Control Feature-Set maximizes system integration and programming security: RS232 and Discrete IR input connectors simplify control functions. The Concealed IR Emitter is located in the cable-entry compartment, thus protecting it from the elements. Remote Control Lock-out prevents unauthorized users from changing the programming.

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