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42 inch LUXURITE Brings waterproof bathroom LCD TV

waterproof lcd tvFor busy executives or even housewives luxurious bathroom where they can be alone to relax and even enjoy real entertainment like TV or music is a dream.If you’re still thinking you can’t watch TV while taking a bubble bath or in your Jacuzzi, think twice! Thanks to technology all ultimate dreams and fantasies are coming true. Now you have options to terminate your lovely relaxing bath full of bubbles; it’s time to bring high-end entertainment into your bathroom or kitchen with the waterproof yes water resistant LCD TV from UK manufacturer LUXURITE. Luxurite series products are targeted for modern busy people who seek simple but luxurious leisure. Luxurite waterproof lcd tv series will bring wireless entertainment right inside kitchen, bathroom or any kind of Spa.
Basic Performance
waterproof bathroom tvLUXURITE is branded as a leader of high quality visual and audio appliances producers.Luxurite Legend series 16:9 wide screen LCD TV comes empanelled in a mirror and is totally steam-proof. LUXURITE waterproof bathroom lcd tv Legend Series can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen or other places with no worries of steam or water. The high-performance LCD screen. There are also elite Luxurite Elegant and Diamond waterproof bathroom lcd tv series for those who seek high end products. The water resistant televisions from LUXURITE are 100% safe because they are sealed united with no long term or short term water damage.

bathroom waterproof lcd tvTechnical specifications
waterproof bathroom LCD SIZE: 42 inchs
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 full-HD 1080p
Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
Brightness: 700nits
Response Time:5ms
Input Voltage: 100-240V 4A 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 200w
OSD Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
Input Signal PC:DB 15 VGA Input
specific function:2 SIDE Anti-Reflective panel, Anti-Theft, IP66 waterproof,waterproof Power Supply Component
Accessories: Remote controller,waterproof Power Supply Component, Anti-theft bracket, Quick guid,Dust cover.
Basic Function: EPG, Subtitle, Teletext, (EURO), MHEG-5(UK)
AV, S-video: AV Cable input, S-video input

This Luxurite bathroom LCD TV Series takes the concept of entertainment and relaxation a step ahead. The special wide angle display can be operated easily from any corner of the kitchen or bathroom. Best part is wireless remote is waterproof too.Decorate your bathroom or kitchen with these fabulous waterproof bathroom lcd tv from the LUXURITE Legend Series. I can guarantee you’ll spend more time in your bathtub now! One need not be couch potato watching idiot box in the living room. One can catch up all the programs even after hectic long day while taking bath or cooking. You can customize the size and color.(info@luxurite.com)

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