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kitchen cabinets Mirrors with LUXURITE Built-In TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Luxurite TV has just rolled out a new range of kitchen cabinets with integrated TVs to help keep you entertained or enjoy the latest cooking documentaries right in the comfort of your own kitchen. The LUXURITE company is launching three new models Built-In TV. The built-in TV size:17″ screen. Such product could be mount anywhere but the best place to install such TV is a kitchenroom. Housewives spend a great deal of time in the kitchen The built-in TV is very useful for those who spent a lot of time during their evenings and mornings in that room. Of course, we wouldn’t advice you from cutting meat and vegetables while looking at the screen, since you might accidentally cut your finger in the process, but at least it offers an outlet of entertainment that comes right out of the box.

Features include smooth touch panel and alloy front navy blue indication lights. The metal surface make this TV properly fit in any kitchen design. a quality metal surface and touchscreen control panel which makes life a whole lot more fun in the kitchen, not to mention relevant input sockets that makes it play nice with different sources including devices like set top boxes, DVD players and laptops among others.

luxurite kitchen cabinet built-in tv

LUXURITE Built-In TV uses a patented mirror technology to produce a clear picture from the LCD when it’s on and to mask it when it’s off. That means that when the TV is off all you’ll see is a finely crafted mirror so it wont spoil the bathroom’s interior.

LUXURITE Televisions were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the U.S., The United States, Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. luxurite customized products for customers to provide comprehensive solutions. You can customize the products through local luxurite’s agents, and then get the Satisfactory products.

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