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What is a bathroom mirror TV?
Thin layers of material are permanently deposited on a glass substrate. Each layer filters light at
an atomic level, allowing specific wavelengths to pass through, while the rest are reflected. The
mirror TV we sell are engineered to allow some of the light from your TV to pass through
unimpeded, while keeping enough reflectivity to shave and put on makeup.

How do I evaluate the mirror sample?
Hold the mirror close to your TV screen, while being careful not to scratch the screen with the
corners. Notice that with the mirror TV on, the mirror disappears and you are easily able to see through
it. With the screen off, the mirror reappears against the black background and is highly reflective.
It’s best to evaluate the reflection from a distance–it does not appear as reflective when you are
standing within a couple feet of it.

Which side is coated?
Hold an object such as your fingernail against the mirror. If there is a gap between the object and its reflection, it is the uncoated side. If there is no gap between the object and its reflection, it is the coated side.

Which side goes closer to the TV?
Standard bath glass – The coating of our standard bath glass is weatherproof and should be closer to the viewer, to maximize reflectivity.
Premium bath glass – The mirror is equally reflective from both sides. It is very important that the mirror is mounted with the coated side facing the TV to protect it from scratching.

How much light passes through the mirror and how much is reflected?
Standard bath glass – 40% Reflective, 25% Transparent
Premium bath glass – 70% Reflective, 30% Transparent

What can be used to clean it?
Standard bath glass – Any standard glass cleaner such as Windex works great on our mirrors, and you can wipe it clean with normal paper towels.
Premium bath glass – The uncoated side can be cleaned with Windex and paper towels. The coated side should only be cleaned with 50% alcohol cleaner and non-abrasive wipes. The coated side has a tendency to scratch and leave streaks, so it’s best to handle it by the edges and avoid getting fingerprints on it. For handling, we recommend Atlas Nitrile gloves.

Any other mirror handling tips?
Do not set the glass down on a hard floor, no matter how gently. You need to at least use a rubber or carpeted surface. Use Atlas Nitrile gloves to enhance your gripping ability, and for larger sizes use two people to handle it. Do not lean the glass on a corner because it will chip.

The coating of our premium bathroom glass scratches easily, so you should keep it protected while working with the material. If you are doing any kind of edgework, take appropriate precautions so that the coating will not be scratched. Do not lay the premium glass down on the coated side on any surface, as it will be scratched! Do not use tape or any kind of chemicals including glue on the coated side! If you decide to do any kind of edgework or use chemicals, be sure to test it first on a product sample before attempting it on the full sized mirror. We are not responsible for damage done through mishandling or modification of our products.Inspect the mirror thoroughly upon arrival for any damage or defects and note them on the bill of lading so that insurance covers any problems with the merchandise.

What makes this mirror superior to your dielectric mirrors?
The purpose of the dielectric mirror is to let a maximum amount of light while offering a mirror-like effect when off. The bathroom mirrors have a much better reflection which allows users to shave and put on makeup in them.

What thicknesses are available?
6mm (1/4″) thickness. The premium glass is customizable, but we generally recommend that you use 6mm (1/4″) thickness for the best balance of quality and strength.

Can the premium mirrors be beveled?
Beveling can be done, but there will be a 1/4″ – 1/2″  area on the edge which will not be coated (the part of the mirror that is held during the coating process). For this reason, when installing beveled mirrors, we recommend that you use black felt matting on the back and a frame around it to hide it. If you are doing the beveling after you receive the mirror from us, please make sure the coating is well protected from being scratched.

Any other tips?
If the mirror is installed so that part of it is hanging over the edge of the screen, the frame of the
TV may show through. We recommend covering this area with black felt matting on the back side of
the mirror to make it blend in.

What size should I buy?
Most customers are using the bathroom mirrors as main vanities, which a size ranging from 30″x40″ to 46″x65″. You should discuss the measurements with a framer or the person doing the installation.
The mirrors can be cut the same way as regular glass.

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