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Luxurite Waterproof TV Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel

Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel
Project Name: Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel
Project Product: Luxurite Waterproof TV
Project Address: 27 Central North 4th Ring Road
Project Overview:
As one of the representatives of new landmark, Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel located in the “new axis” of the identity and the power of capital, is attracting the “nobles” who advocating luxury enjoyment around the world by its world’s top luxury and elegant. The hotel name of pangu is the creator of the Sky and Land in China’s mythology. Seven Star is big dipper namely, has been the lucky direction signs for traveler since ancient times, but also implies the unique luxury enjoyable experience has greatly beyond general traditional experience. Someone said: if you want to pursue the ultimate luxury experience in Beijing, apart from the royal palace, the Forbidden City, it should be Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel which among Beijing’s most luxurious hotel ranks.
The hotel interior was designed by the Italian Brazil origin designer Ricardo Bello Dias from Milan, the overall style is “Chinese and western”. At the same time, with the support of world’s top luxury brands, expounds the top luxury level of Pangu 7 Star Hotel completely.

Ubiquitous marbles all import from Italy, Spain and other European countries, the CASSINA deck chair, MOROSO sofa, ARTEMIDE floor lamp, MAXALTO circular recliners, MOOOI desk and droplight, MEDA sofa are all chose from the world top design brands.
In the extreme luxury and spacious bathroom, besides two hand-carved marble hand washing dishes and Monsoon tropical rain forest type shower, the most attractive stuff is the custom LUXURITE 19 inch Waterproof TV beside the bathtub which is designed especially for Pangu 7 Star Hotel.
LUXURITE can go into Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel with other global top brands, not only because of its excellent quality performance, also because the high-end luxury life concept and brand image it interpreting correspond to the design style of hotel completely.

Through the luxury Waterproof TV supplied by LUXURITE, while experience the “seven star” standard of hotel services, and comprehensively fulfill the colorful luxury life experience of wealth classes: lying leisurely in the bathtub and watching the wonderful “vision world”…
Project Reference Resources:
Beijing Pangu 7 Star Hotel is located in the Beichen Business Center of Olympic Village on the north fourth ring road, adjoin to the National Stadium, the Olympic Park, can be directly overlooking the famous Olympic Landscape – Water Cube and bird’s nest panoramic, peripheral stores, commercial office buildings are intensive, the traffic is very convenient.
Pangu 7 Star Hotel is known as “the model of leisurely and showily”, all the details embody its luxury and taste, therefore be folk billed as “seven star” luxury hotel. In order to embody the extraordinary spirit, the hotel was designed in Chinese elegant charm style and integrated with the western elements, and was layout according to the traditional Chinese concept of geomantic omen. In the hotel guests can enjoy convenient communication, audio-visual entertainment system and wireless broadband network.

Hotel is pride of its 234 luxurious guest rooms (including 140 suites), size from 45 square meters to 488 square meters (presidential suite). The large banquet hall located upper Dragon Gallery on fourth floor, is with an area of 888 square meters, can accommodate 500 people at the same time. The banquet hall is 15 meters high, which is the highest of Beijing banquet hall.