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built-in cabinet door Mirror TV With WIFI Features by luxurite

Mirror TVSerious competition of luxury hotels market makes the hotel manager to the high-powered hadewares, Strengthen management, improve the quality of medical ethics to promote market share. The implementation of the bathroom Smart Device be on-line marketing a top priority. Bathroom Smart Mirror TV boisterous into the hotel market.
When went into the hotel, I was first intrigued by the magic mirror LCD TV and stopped to listen to what my friend had to say. The TV program is playing in the mirror, At first, I thought that is the reflection of TV in a mirror, but I did not find a TV anywhere. When I was closer to the mirror, sound is transmitted from the inside. Amazing, the image is also very clear. My friend said it was the mirror TV. The TV uses a special glass mirror technology. The device consists of specially engineered mirror glass with a LCD TV behind the mirror surface. The mirror is carefully polarized to allow an image to transfer through the mirror. Mirror engineers from the Luxurite: In addition, different types of mirror TVs will use different mirror technology, So, when the TV is off, the device looks like a mirror, but when turned on, the picture appears.

mirror glass tvLuxurite Company developed a new type of mirror TV called cabinet door mirror TV. The TV’s installation is embedded, can be installed in any cabinet door, The Magic mirror front is the typical design for all Luxurite’s products. Once the TV is turned off, the special internal thin structure allows mirror images to be displayed with a crisp clear look. Integrated WiFi technology provides fast connectivity to home wireless router and increases your entertainment choices from general TV programs to internet resources. The TV has a built-in computer with Wireless-device 802.11bor 802.11b/g wireless lan (with the IntelPRO/Wireless web solution of Intel CentrinoTM calculated techs). You can surf the Internet whenever and wherever possible. The wireless keyboard and mouse enables operations of the computer from up to a great distance offering you maximum flexibility and convenience of use.

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