Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

luxurite started to develop a 3D mirror LCD TV and significant progress

The sales of TV sets have multiplied five times, even In the financial turmoil sweeping through the world at all times. because of the keen competition in the TV set industry, The switchover to the digital TV, large screen, HDTV and 3D televisions.
The TV size demand for large screen is constantly increasing, The Consumers don’t need the small TV that taking up a small portion of the corner of a front room. The would like to put the televisions in anywhere in the room, and Large display area to meet their visual experience.

Mirror TV, a new fashioned technology, Mirror TV is installed inside the mirror, and then built-in installed in the wall of bathroom. TV perfect mirror installed inside or embedded in the mirror in the bathroom walls, they appear elegant side mirror, magic mirror frame effects and elegant appearance of the room can be decorated to add high-end atmosphere. By infrared remote control, elegant mirror imaging of a sudden a digital TV, magical feel.
LUXURITE Mirror TV concept is proposed in the late 80’s, 90’s gradually beginning to realize, after several years of research efforts, now LUXURITE Mirror TV technology has been mature enough to interior designers and architects to address indoor terminal solutions. Market research to prove this mirror television market consumers keen to buy.
In order to better meet consumer demand for television, LUXURITE also specially made mirror with waterproof TV, he can install a bathtub in the bathroom mirror opposite the inside, IP65 waterproof level of security to assure you that his safety in the bathroom performance.
As you would expect as the next generation of television will mirror the perfect combination of 3D technology, LUXURITE is vigorously working to develop 3D Mirror TV, and get a breakthrough in the successful resolution of the 3D technology and mirror technology compatibility. Projected display to the market in early 2011. 3D Mirror TV Mirror TV is not only to retain the original special mirror effect, and also offers the latest 3D technology, the magic mirror in front of the dream of watching reality 3D stereoscopic television. LUXURITE-3D Mirror TV stereo enjoyment of luxury!

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