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Luxurite Cabinet Door TV interprets the Truth of honorable and elegant Contemporary Household

TOTO intelligent sanitary ware, the movable shutter can move along with the light intensity, Luxurite Kitchen TV… When technology and art perfectly integrated, it reveals not only a fashion breath, but also the luxury living style of modern high-end crowd.
Along with the changes caused by science and technology, intelligent, fashion, comfortable has already became the best way of life was highly praised by high-end personage. They will upgrade the level of pursuing the products’ quality, so how to interpret this life concept better, becomes the essence of a high-end household brand.
As the international luxury brand TV – Luxurite Cabinet Door TV was born to give such a mission. Farewell drab, subvert the tradition, respect for humanisation, Luxurite Kitchen TV which explores technology art value and serves to life, brings those people who have noble life taste a new HD experience. It extends the European style of the British noble lineage; and adds the creative element to the obvious kitchen space.

Get rid of same ambry function, Luxurite Cabinet Door TV gather the TV function, the PC function, mirror, furniture, door lamp and many other functions as an all-in-one entertainment system solution.
The kitchen was always a pronoun of dull and tedious in most people’s mind, it cannot give people much imaginary space and comfortable feeling. Since Luxurite Cabinet Door arrived, it completely subverted the image of traditional cabinet door, and interprets the truth of modern household elegant nobility with its various powerful functions.
Its unique ultra-thin mirror appearance brings kitchen space release, upgrades the life quality, and also makes people to get rid of the drab and boring kitchen space. “Multifunctional Integration” with compact design, Luxurite Cabinet Door TV perfectly deduce the high life interest which beyond your imagination. Magnificent frameless HD widescreen makes the vivid film having a good visual performance. Digital & Analogue Integrated TV mode could obtain rich multi-channel TV program, music and movie. Meanwhile, fashionable chic Luxurite Cabinet Door TV can also integrate with a traditional computer function. The remote operation of wireless mouse and keyboard, the maximum satisfy the life convenience which modern people pursue.
Wonderful “slimming”, magnificent turning, this is the space and technology fashion art which Luxurite Cabinet Door TV brings. The luxurious appearance TV and the noble ambry contrast finely with each other, become a charm password to break the kitchen time. With rising top supreme quality, Luxurite Cabinet Door TV is leading a new luxurious state of your life.