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Luxurite enter into Beijing Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park

Project Name: Beijing Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park
Project Product: Luxurite Mirror TV, Luxurite Kitchen TV
Project Address: Beijing Seven Trees Creative Park
Project Overview:
Walk on the junction of art and high-end, Beijing Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park has created the most civilised, comfortable ideal living space for the high-end social elites who focus on fashionable life, attach importance to the functionality, artistry and cultural connotation of living space. As an international high-end service brand in Chinese decoration design industry – a kind of design art of life is “Zixiangke” advocate, through the cooperation with the international mainstream luxury goods, dedicate to show more smart luxury life to the high-end consumer groups.

In the Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park which is a delicate and high quality magical world, intelligent and fashionable Luxurite Mirror TV and Kitchen TV perfectly explains the truth of luxury. Bringing in the international standard audio-visual equipment illume the whole villa design affair quietly. Luxurite Mirror TV, brought a new vision world of light and shade, make the “mirror” also coruscating wonderful visual image. And Luxurite Kitchen TV, the sole interpretation of postmodern TV concept, cooperates with the most beautiful angle; achieve the excellent fusion of art and concept. In that instant, it shows a vane type of fashionable.

While the corporate philosophy of Beijing Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park is what combining the high-grade home decoration and the advanced ideas of villa design to build a comprehensive and diversified top accessories adornment brand, Omni-directionally meet the taste pursuit of high-end customers. That leading fashion, exceeding expectation and promoting life taste is the core of Luxurite. Both joined together, to be “in the name of taste, altogether casts the luxury”!

Project Reference Resources:
Beijing Zixiangke Villa Design Originality Park is capital injected by the Hong Kong Hong Thai capital investment group, was established in 2002, specialise in the interior design and construction of hotel, chamber, villas and mock-up, dedicated to providing the international and high grade design concept. Through the integration of technology and resources of the global famous brand household enterprise in all fields, with the most high-end soft outfit overall imaging experience center. It absorbed the traditional Chinese household concept, combined with the cutting-edge household products, with fashionable design elements and culture connotation, had built the “dream home”. It brings the aristocratic and luxurious villa life in front to customers; also perfectly outline the specific life mode of villa. Wine cellar, cigar bar, audio-visual room, gymnasium, SPA and so on, has everything that you expect to find is truly the fusion of art and life.
Through the combination of space design, household soft adornment design and environmental hard outfit design, show the ideal villa household life perfectly in front of customers; through the further cooperation with the world famous furniture manufacturers, will converge in all the classic of the world, and achieve the perfect collocation of diversified choice and personalised life. As a high-end villa soft outfit imaging experience center which the main operation mechanism is that professional designers guiding customers, with high-end brand image design, represents the highest level of a villa home outfit design industry in Beijing area, has become the representative of villa home outfit design industry in Beijing and even the whole country.