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Now we are coming Luxurite Glass TV is on

Is it a television, a PC monitor, or a mirror? Luxurite hopes you’ll ask that question and that you’ll like the answer: It’s all three.
Luxurite has announced its glass TV technology. The company hopes to get glass TVs into every body’s house eventually.
Basic Specs
glass tv,glass mirror tv
A glass TV is basically a two-way mirror with an LCD screen behind it. When the LCD is activated, you see the display. When it’s turned off, you see your reflection. A special lamination developed by Luxurite makes all of this possible.
The LCDs will be wide-screen, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a high 1280 by 768 resolution. Luxurite offers the glass/monitors in 15”, 17”, 19” 22” sizes. Other than standard sizes, the company also provide customized glass TV of bigger LCDs or glass mirror finishes. The mirrors themselves can be larger, with the image appearing as a window within an otherwise conventional mirror.
For the expensive hotels that the vendor targets as its first customers, Luxurite is emphasizing the glass TV’s good looks. Decor is important, as is space, which makes a wall-mounted display a good choice over a conventional television. Needless to say, a mirror hanging on the wall looks better than an LCD, and is more versatile.
Now you’ll be able to use your hotel room’s glass TV to watch cable as well as to straighten your tie or powder your nose.
Eventually, of course, Luxurite hopes that the glass TV will enter more people’s homes than pricey hotels, and brings people more luxury in their daily life.
That’s all happening now. You can get Luxurite glass TVs in all our showrooms in UK. Customers outside UK can place orders from our country/regional retailers and distributors.

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