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Luxurite Mirror TV has built more Connotative Luxury Life Experience

As part of the contemporary household, TV always has a very important practical value. But along with the constant improvement of city life, in the pursuit of audio visual life, in addition to the strong function, its adornment effect is also receiving more and more attention of the high-end personage. For them, the top luxury high-end TV which standing on the practical basis and highlighting the adornment effect is the first choice to conform the identity and grade.
“Watching TV while lying in the bath”, this image was once a symbol of royal luxury, is a kind of treatment only for the noble to enjoy. And today, when the life quality reaches a high level, this kind of royal honor enjoy also become available.

Luxurite Mirror TV started from changing the high-end lifestyle, to making more connotative luxury life experience as own duty since its birth. Continue the British royal blue blood, Luxurite showed consumers its unique intelligent technology and artistic charm in producing the professional high quality video electric products.
In a sort of sense, Luxurite Mirror TV is already the household art which integrated of decorative and practical. So, for the high-end personages who has unique pursuit and understanding of vogue and taste, the uniqueness of Luxurite Mirror TV has the effect that make the finishing point in home decoration, it is not only the art of ingenious fusion by wisdom and science and technology , but also represents a way of life pursuit and yearning.
Delicate appearance, perfect sound, convenient installation, 16:10 luxurious WSXGA large screen, 1000:1 contrast, 1600 pixels, PIP Full HD function and external 2.1 Dolby surround sound, excellent storage capacity of 200 channels, it has all the functions that a traditional TV has. Meanwhile it has its own incomparable uniqueness: built-in waterproof loudspeakers, unique wide temperature technology and panel heating technology, totally enclosed waterproof remote control, and the Magic Mirror design. All make Luxurite Mirror TV becoming the luxuriant priority of the bathroom, and upgrade the intelligent luxury artistic conception space of whole household life, blossom its unique charm and connotation.

Turn on the TV; it is a powerful multimedia center. And when you turn it off, it becomes a piece of beautiful mirror, it makes people cannot stop palpitating with excitement eager. Luxurite makes TV no longer a simple information transfer station, but becoming a kind of practical works of art perfectly. Believe that the noble qualities enjoy which supplied by Luxurite Mirror TV will surely enough to fulfill the taste demand of high-end personage.