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Luxurite Kitchen TV: Quality open up the luxury experience of kitchen

In the modern household life, television has become our inseparable life partner. Not only because it brings us had a large amount of information and it brought infinite life fun. No matter you are in the sitting room, bedroom, or kitchen, bathroom, as long as to stay for a long time some, you want to have a TV beside.
Someone said: every innovation of the science and technology will bring surprise to the life of people. Due to the food safety problems of common, more and more people back to the kitchen make their own food. Against that background, the function and adornment of the kitchen will be concerned and improved certainly. Therefore Luxurite Kitchen TV becomes a Nouveau Chic due to the impeccable quality and superior multimedia function.
In the world of the kitchen, can integrate television and furniture by high-tech technology, and make it completely into the kitchen environment. The idea of not only to produce our household environment looks brand-new, but also shows the charm of science and technology and luxury temperament.
Luxurite Kitchen TV LFV15 – a digital TV with DVD system, having it will make your kitchen lively and interesting while increase the luxury tension of kitchen, so that ordinary kitchen instantly into a vibrant modern information space, virtually reveal master life taste.
It’s unique exclusive characteristics, the structure design, installation function, and the DVD player function, USB socket etc., every design of the TV is for the kitchen, on the appeal of simple, convenient, and strives to give consumers the best life to enjoy. Only 5 CM thickness, in full accordance with the kitchen space structure and design, such wonderful appearance can be arbitrary integrated with any kitchen furniture perfectly.
Meanwhile, the mass of TV programs ensure that you can feast favorite TV shows more than cooking. If you don’t like the TV programs, then take out your favorite CDs; try some classical music, or the never tired of movies, or the special collected videos. Or more simply, directly insert your mobile hard sick to the USB interface, so you can choose any different playing content, newness every day.
Luxurite LFV15, the fusion of many international advanced technologies: professional waterproof, oil proof, heat dissipation design etc., ensure that it has no affect to be in the kitchen’s damp environment. Meanwhile, the weak signal enhancement and noise reduction function, could automatically improve signal strength when the input signal or antenna function was under the condition of lack, and could ensure that the pictures are clear and the sound is vivid. Fulfill the high standard requirements of our entertainment demand virtually; therefore we could enjoy the great fun of the multimedia in the kitchen.
It’s not that simple to combine the technology and art perfectly like this, but Luxurite Kitchen TV is always pursuing to deduce the acme of these two temperaments, striving to make the kitchen life more lively and interesting.