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LUXURITE kitchen TV Elegant and pleasant surprise — hanging TV

There are two kinds of always,Innovation and insistance, let you admire the spirit of the world.LUNXURITE, focusing the avant-garde concept kitchen and modern bathroom,always show the spirits. The people especially pursuiting of unique out of the ordinary special must especially attention new LUNXURITE kitchen TV, which is the hanging type kitchen TV and can be up and down around the rotation, but also can be folded when not watch TV. Once the TV Installed in the open kitchen, the space suddenly amazing. LUNXURITE hanging type kitchen TV has Concise line, handsome appearance, and it is difficult to describe the unbelievable beauty.
Avant garde in break the normal procedure — folding TV
Amazing, luxury, avant garde can’t unmatched laikesirui kitchen TV beauty. The new simple elegant design and creative TV will particularly dazzle, in European spacious kitchen environment. LUNXURITE kitchen TV not only meet the highest standards of design, but also can bring you very comfortable watching TV experience.
The utility and convenience — Rotary TV
LUNXURITE kitchen TV opens up a new way of viewing, that it can be up and down spin around. The screen can be rotated by 120 degrees in the vertical direction, and can be rotated by 300 degree sin the vertical direction. No matter where you are in the kitchen, you can get the best viewing angle. The kitchen TV has the advantages of convenient operation of the touch screen, the waterproofing. The index finger touch will be able to operate all functions. In addition, the digital and analog integrated machine, built in DVD, three in one card reader, USB drives and other functional design, demonstrated its ability to innovate once again. Over in one’s mind design make LUNXURITE kitchen TV sheer enjoyment.
Given the kitchen new comfortable experience – innovative TV
LUNXURITE kitchen TV obtain the design patent in the European Union,let the kitchen immediately turned into a happy paradise and make the cooker have the joyful mood. Different mood make meals have different taste. The kitchen is not only cooking food exclusive, but has become a home party lifestyle and entertainment center. LUNXURITE kitchen TV can make you to communicate more with the space of kitchen.