Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Catching up the latest technology trend, Luxurite launched the Android enabled TVs to its full products ranges

Since its start, Luxurite lead the trend in waterproof TV, bathroom TV, mirror TV and kitchen TV industry by its stylish design and innovative techniques. Nowadays Android platform and its app are one of the most popular features for mobile devices. Luxurite also integrated Android platform and its app into luxurite full product ranges to provide more choices and best satisfactions to its clients.
The Android TVs developed by Luxurite Product Development team can be just a simple TV which do not need any changes to previous signal system. You can just your RF cables, AV input cables or HDMI cable like before. When internet connection added (customers can choose cable connection or WIFI connection), customers can install their favorite Apps or uninstall Apps they want to move.
The difference of traditional TVs and Android TVs: traditional TVs are produced by different manufacturer and it software is commercial software with open platform or open API. Customers can only use it as it initially provided. You cannot change its User Interface, its procedures or it programs. On the other hand, Android TVs are built on open source software with open platform. Anybody can develop Android Apps and list on its open market. Anybody can install his interested Apps and explore on Android platform. Nowadays there are more than 0.6m Apps in Android open market and the number quickly increases daily. These Apps covers all kinds of applications such as games, business, health, readings… Unlike Apple’s ISO platform, Android was built under open source principles and its cost is much lower than Apple’s applications.

Android enabled Luxurite waterproof TV, bathroom TV, kitchen TV and mirror TV are not only a stylish outlook TV but also a full function PC which can explore internet, write emails, send instant message, and install all kinds of Apps. Some of Luxurite kitchen TV customers install Apps which can teach them how to cook delicate cate and some of customers install Apps which can tell them the calorie and nutrition for different foods. Why not join in such plentiful application and make your kitchen more colorful?