Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Introducing the Luxurite Legend Waterproof TV.

Sleek, sophisticated, and bursting with the latest technology, the Luxurite Legend is the answer to today’s busy modern lifestyle. Are you a busy mum who gets no free time to yourself? Or are you an executive with no time to read the newspaper in the mornings before you rush off to your next meeting?Maybe you run your own business from home and immerse yourself in your work. These lifestyles can take over and control our lives for us, leaving us with no time to enjoy our favourite programmes or catch up on the latest news. The Luxurite Legend TV is a new concept in LCD technology. Its waterproof design means that it can be installed in any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens. Imagine watching your favourite TV shows whilst cooking dinner for the kids or catching up with the latest financial news whilst bathing or showering.These are all real possibilities with the Luxurite Legend, and a possibility that comes at an affordable price. The Legend is available in a range of sizes and colours, giving you the freedom to choose a product that fits into your home perfectly. The acrylic steam-proof screen will guarantee a perfect picture even in the foggiest bathroom or steamiest kitchen. Mirrored panels offer an alternative to your bathroom mirror, and an elegant touch panel puts you in total control. Even the remote control is waterproof, so if you want to change the channel whilst relaxing in the bath you can! Until now, our TV viewing has been restricted mainly to the living room or bedroom, but with the Luxurite waterproof TV you can watch television in any room in the house.Safety is one of Luxurite’s main concerns and you can be assured that all of our products pass rigourous safety testing and certification. You can be confident that having a waterproof TV installed in your bathroom is as safe as having a normal TV in the corner of your living room. Our waterproof TV uses the newest technology. Waterproof speakers provide crisp sound and the 450:1 contrast rate and 500cd/m2 brightness provides a crystal clear display. You can be assured of a perfect picture even in the steamiest of kitchens and bathrooms.The waterproof TV is easy to install and mountable on most wall surfaces. Once you have a waterproof TV installed in your home, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You may not be able to change your daily routine, but you can make it more enjoyable.

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