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Luxurite Mirror TV shows the charm New Vision World of “Magic Mirror”

From the “Magic Mirror” in the Fairytale Kingdom to the Luxurite Mirror TV in real life, they all bring the people mindsets which happen to have the same view. Luxurite has been familiar with the innovation way of traditional TV, abandoned the limitations of function and installation space, really endow the Mirror TV more connotation of space visual colorful art from the angle of enjoy life. It not only makes television and mirrors a successful art fusion, also subverts the cold stereotyped image of traditional TV, and derives the mirror TV as art into the consumer field.

To those people who know the fashion and be particular about life taste, the stellen of each piece artwork, the choice of furniture and the collocation of colors inside the room must have the personality and taste, technology and trend at the same time. From the Swarovski crystal doorbell to Luxurite Mirror TV, in the modern fashionista Jack’s home, we saw much international brand deductive luxury scenery.
The designers of Luxurite Mirror TV use wisdom to seek more details of life: it works with innovative technology language, utilize each inch of interior space ingeniously, and make household TV come to the fore from mediocre. Can say that Luxurite brings us pleasure; let us see the life more happy and beautiful. The Luxurite Mirror TV makes space not only a simple physical sense of space, but a kind of comfortable inner sensory experience.
Luxurite Mirror TV was born in Manchester, the “Capital of the north” of British in 2004. As its luxury positioning, Luxurite “EXPAND YOUR VISION”. From 15.4 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch… to 82 inch, every one unit TV that is giving a clever word, fully demonstrating the profundity and charming elegant demeanor of Luxurite which is known as the first brand of British luxury TV.

In fact, within the modern home decoration, whether modern style, or European style, decorating with mirrors has become the common means to build the luxuriant and transparent atmosphere. The magic of Luxurite Mirror TV is its perfect performance while it was dynamic and static. When it is turned on, it becomes the modern household high-end multimedia center: watching TV, listening to music, watching video etc. from soup to nuts. And when it is turned off, immediately change to a magic mirror as used to extended space, and enhance the bedroom brightness. So brilliant a piece of “magic mirror” not only become the best household adornment, and become a symbol of the quality of life.
Luxurite Mirror TV built us a rich and colorful clever space by using the fashion intelligent elements. Its delicate picture and perfect sound quality bring the consumer a perfect visual and auditory experience. And its unique mirror design, reveal its modern advanced trend design style and connotation of unified overall domestic outfit style, the coexistence of practical and adornment.