Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Luxurite only provide Exclusive Custom Service for High Grade Luxury
As the increasingly personalized, diversified social development needs, the homogeneity of goods has been abandoned from more and more consumers. Especially to the high-end crowd who pursuit life taste, they have a strong “individuality” requirement to home, they are eager to be able to have more custom-made products and services. Therefore, the “High-end Custom” became the specific attribute of luxury goods these years.
In order to get the world’s top television products and Chinese consumers closer, comprehensively deduce the luxury life philosophy which high-end TV contains, and fulfill the special requirements in television’s video-audio field of high-end consumption crowd; Luxurite takes the lead in putting forward its brand concept of “only for high grade luxury and exclusive custom” just while it enters the Chinese market.

Be up against the problem of serious electrical appliances product homogenization, obviously Luxurite has its own profound understanding. They do not treat “High-end Custom” as a stunt, but real realise the customised in the product appearance, configuration aspects etc.
Luxurite Launched Customised Service for its Waterproof TV, Glass TV and Built-in TV etc. product lines, the Customised Services including Size, Color, Material (such as glass), and Functionality (such as TV, WIFI, PC functionality etc.). The excellent design research and development team can even help you to design your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and sitting room, and bring users infinite surprise.
Meanwhile, Luxurite has launched specialised customised services for enterprise and group business, including hotels, entertainment places, furniture accessories, integral kitchen facilities, whole bathroom supporting and so on.

This kind of “Exclusive Custom” not only greatly caters to the consumption concept of this diversified age, bring consumers more personalised experience. Meanwhile, also prettily express the design style and connotation of product; incisively and vividly blend the product itself into specific Space.
Of course, Luxurite TV never sacrifices its performance to achieve such a powerful diversified installation effect. Such as LFV15 kitchen TV, it not only obtains the intellectual property patent certificate of appearance innovation issued by the international trademark intellectual property office in the European Union, also has perfect performance.
Digital and analog integrated TV system, comprehensive input & output interface, embedded video recorder. Weak signal enhancement and noise reduction functions, fully realise the humanization consideration of high-end design, make the clear picture and realistic sound performance perfectly.
The combination of waterproof technology and lighting technology, and the R&D of wide temperature technology and high brightness surface mount technology, Luxurite TV adhere to the British industry consistent excellence style, in the producing of professional high quality video electric products, Luxurite showed its consumers the unique intelligent technology and artistic charm. And its “High-end Customisation” pushes the top-level exclusive supreme experience to the peak.