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Waterproof Flat Screen TV add Finishing Bathroom

Want to catch up on the early news in the morning, but you need to shave and shower also? Would you like to watch your favorite TV Show while taking that long bath after work? Bathroom Luxury offers this convenience for you!
luxurite waterproof tv
Taking bathroom luxury to the next channel, homeowners will now be able to truly relax and unwind with minimum effort, thanks to luxurite’s latest must-have gadget a stylish waterproof flat screen TV. Bathroom specialist luxurite prides itself on offering the latest up-to-date products to suit its customers’ needs and the introduction of its waterproof TV is guaranteed to do just the job.
waterproof lcd tv
Available in sizes; 15-inch, 17-inch, 27″, 32″, 42″ and suitable for all wet environments, luxurite’s waterproof flat screen TV is sure to add the finishing touch to any bathroom. Boasting a built-in Freeview digital tuner, a splash-proof floating remote control, a heated glass screen to keep it steam-free and separate splash-proof speakers, the bathroom has just become the only space to truly offer a feeling of escapism and uninterrupted indulgence. The waterproof lcd tv also transforms into a stylish mirror when the TV is switched off the perfect disguise for secret soap addicts.

once you’ve agreed on your new bathroom design, you simply leave it to luxurite to take care of the rest ensuring a stress free installation. Skilled designers and fitters are on hand throughout the entire process and, along with great customer support and practical advice, luxurite offers that extra flair that will help create the dream bathroom.

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