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Luxurite Waterproof TV Beijing International Hotel

Beijing International Hotel
Project Name: Beijing International Hotel
Project Product: Luxurite Waterproof TV
Project Address: Beijing Chang’an avenue central section
Project Overview:
Beijing international hotel located in the central business district of Beijing, the heart region of the capital — east Chang’an Avenue, is the first large luxury five-star hotel. As an international hotel which has more than 25 years operation experience, there is the most cutting-edge operation mode and management ideas gathered here, has the most creative, the most intelligent and the most fashionable hotel facilities.

Adjoin to the Great Hall of the People, the MOFTEC, the Beijing Municipal Government and China Customs etc. state organs. All foreign embassies and the multinational company China offices are near at hand, the distance from Wangfujing Pedestrian Street is only a street away, so special geographical environment, makes Beijing International Hotel positioning as “Chinese and Western, Also Ancient Also Today”.
The Chinese design pattern, allocate with the new intelligent Europe high-end audio-video equipment. Make a perfect fusion of the east and the west classic elements, and having the unique style of brilliance. But within so many top high-end equipment brands, having royal lineage’s international luxury TV brand LUXURITE is undoubtedly the most popular which guest concerned. Luxurite 19 inch Mirror Waterproof TV through the creative personalised Magic Mirror design, with its unique wide mild panel heating technology, and its delicate and fashionable thin modeling, creating the most intelligent and humanised hotel rooms’ video entertainment solutions.
Hotel guests could lie in the bath carelessly, and enjoy the fresh Luxurite Vision World; this is elegant, leisurely and comfortable which was brought in the top luxury hotel.

Project Reference Resources:

Prestigious Beijing International Hotel is the first large luxury five-star hotel in China. Opened in December 1987, is located in the central section of Chang’an Avenue, next to the National Tourism administration office building, and contribute with COFCO Plaza, Henderson Center and Guanghua Chang’an Building to one of the capital’s most development prospect trade cities. It is 3 kilometers from the Tiananmen Square, is only 0.5 kilometers apart from the Beijing Railway Station, is 28 kilometers apart from the airport, the position is superior and the traffic is convenient. It was redesigned and decorated comprehensively by foreign designers in 2002. Adding a variety of Europe elements in the whole design style, becomes a modernisation luxury hotel with both Chinese and Western cultures “mix build” elements. The hotel has 29 floors high, 916 guestrooms sets. Banquet hall can accommodate 550 people at most.