Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

LUXURITE Waterproof TV has become the New Trend of Building Decoration Industry

In the just concluded twenty-first China International Building Decoration Fair,Break through the traditional decorative material limitations, expand the building interior and exterior design creation space” has become the hottest topic. With the luxury villas, hotels and restaurants, shopping center and other high-end property innovation demand, the traditional building materials products more and more into the innovation of science and technology. For example LUXURITE waterproof mirror LCD TV for high-grade property and Stars Hotel, intelligent control system LUXURITE and Honeywell cooperation in research and development of and so on, bring a new product experience at the same time for the industry,also offer more fashion choices to improve the people’s quality of life.
With the international architectural decoration trend effected, China building decoration industry also gradually explore the design concept and innovation craftsmanship to present the space decorative effect of luxury fashion, bring finding everything fresh and new sensory experience for the owners. Analysising the overseas advanced engineering cases and international design trends which belong to the meaning of distance from the chassic design case at home and abroad, many well-known design company will actively seek interaction and collision between eastern and Western architecture and interior decoration culture, to show to pursue with high-end taste.
With advanced technology, perfect audio-visual enjoyment and beyond fantasy installation looking style, charm to bring home a design space, LUXURITE waterproof TV isvery popular in modern high-end home style and taste. LUXURITE waterproof TV not only can waterproof, can watch TV, even in the off state, there is a clear everything clear image, as the expansion of space bright mirror. ” Diverse uses of a multi use ” has made LUXURITE waterproof TV entered so many Luxury Villa and Business Club,for example IHG, Sheraton, Hiltonan and so on. In architectural decoration, everything has very strict standards and put every item of choice, and the same things in different rooms and different position will show the very different effect. brought out the crucial point” and “superfluous” are entirely different. In order to meet the high standards of decoration needs, LUXURITE waterproof TV open the production line for the high-end custom.
Because of this, LUXURITE not only provides interior design case reference for Stars Hotel, high-end home improvement, also successfully led the development trend of modern building decoration!