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  Luxurite has just reached formal agreement with COFCO Hotel (Sanya) Limited company stated that Luxurite will be the supplier of 128 mirror televisions for its subordinate hotel,MGM Grand Hotel Sanya. The mirror TVs will be installed in Waterscape Villas, presidential suites and other top level rooms. Under the leading and instruction of MGM Resorts International Group, Sanya GMG Grand Hotel welcomes worldwide friends to share its success.
       Luxurite is providing Mirror TVs with high quality and elegant style. The latest environmental LED engine can work under extreme conditions and with no radiation; it also has longer life service than regular TV product. Coming with high resolution and contrast ratio, it brings viewers best visual-audio movie theatre experience with clear luminance and wide color gamut characters. All those aspects greatly meet the needs of MGM’S development.
      GMG Grant Hotel adopts the high-end facilities for decoration, emerging the western elements into Chinese characters of Sanya local culture. It also embodies the special entertainment of GMG Hotel in Las Vegas with full night spots and bars experience, which boosts new luxury holiday articles with “smart fashion, hot amazing and private glory” to this so-called “Eastern Hawaii”.
Further information for MGM
       MGM Grand Hotel, formerly named Kailai Hotels & Resorts, is China’s first five–star resort hotel which was established in August 22, 1996. As the first five- star resort hotel, the original “stunning” opening ceremony still deeply engraved in people mind.
       In 2010, it renamed GMG Grand Hotel after alterations, and totally reconstructed on the basis of super luxury 5-star hotel standard level, positioning as modern entertainment type holiday hotel. The total expansion project for construction occupies an area of 10.74 hectares, in which alterations of the original building about 40,000 square meters, expansion of 62,000 square meters, and covers investment of 1200 million RMB with 660 rooms.

        At that moment, MGM Grand Hotel Sanya bring in Las Vegas Hotel’s entertainment, together with dining style and nightlife features to suit local conditions in the hotel with entertainment experience. The CEO of MGM Hotel Group, Mr. Aziz said, “MGM Hotel” in Sanya has successfully experienced the breakthroughs and innovation, combined local culture with international design, creating a very fashionable restaurant environment and thoughtful spa atmosphere. In addition, they will also provide customized service for guests’ special requirement to make it suitable for family travel, for both children and elder and newly-married couple.

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