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Luxurite was invited for kitchen cabinet door Mirror TV design by UK Magnet

Luxurite UK LTD was invited for the kitchen Mirror TV Design by uk Magnet, This could mark Luxurite products enter the ranks of international brands.

About Magnet
Magnet is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of joinery and kitchen products to the trade and consumer markets. It is part of the Nobia Group, Europe’s leading kitchen company, and employs 1,700 employees in the UK. In addition to its core retail and trade business, Magnet also supplies kitchens to third parties through its Interior Solutions division.

Luxurite cabinet doors Mirror TV
LUXURITE-cabinet door Mirror TV is to combine the functions of TV, computer, Mirror TV and cabinet Mirror door, it is a Four in One Smart Kitchen TV. Putting the TV into Hibernation or Standby, it will be displayed with cabinet door mirror in front of you! Black Mirror shows fashion and grace, leading the advance guard and fashion. when you and your friends are enjoying cooking in the kitchen, Watch a video for friends and family to remember life of a beautiful friendship. the cabinet door Mirror TV will become into a LCD TV in the middle of cabinet doors.

Powerful built-in TV and WIFI wireless Internet access!
the cabinet door Mirror TV uses the most advanced built-in technology, the TV has Built-in computer and WIFI wireless Internet access. Wireless-device 802.11bor 802.11b/g wireless lan (with the IntelPRO/Wireless web solution of Intel CentrinoTM calculated techs). As long as you install Wireless router at home, you can get online at any time and place. Share dinner with your friends through the network video. The wireless keyboard and mouse enables operations of the computer from up to a great distance offering you maximum flexibility and convenience of use. Deciated solid state drive not only boosts the computer’s performance, but also defines this product as a multimedia hub and personal music library all in one.

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