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Luxurite Waterproof TV Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel

Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel
Project Name: Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel
Project Product: Luxurite Waterproof TV
Project Address: Jiangdong district, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province
Project Overview:
Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel is the largest and most luxurious international hotel in Ningbo city, as the leader of local hospitality industry, Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel completely reflect its peculiar and impressive image, the luxurious lobby, the delicate and elegant guest room, and the bathroom furnishings, all the details bring the subtle surprise. In the spacious bathroom, the guests can lie in the bath to watch TV, while can view the beautiful scenery of three rivers intersection outside the window. Shangri-La Hotel and Luxurite Waterproof TV provide the guests period of unforgettable good private time.
Although Waterproof TV is a recently presented functional TV product, as the hot TV products in bath field, it can be foreseen. At present, Waterproof TVs are mainly used in domestic high-end hotels and residential buildings, it had got very good reputation, the customer high praise multiply. Chongqing Sheraton hotel, Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel and etc. have adopted Luxurite’s TV products, and left the hotel guests a deep impression. Recently most high-end hotel bathroom design adopt the solution of Waterproof TV installation, Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel project adopted Luxurite Waterproof TV ascend hotel competitiveness, bring the guests more surprise here.