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How to choose and purchase a satisfied Magic Mirror TV

Some people ask: “Can I just buy one piece of mirror glass and place it in front of a TV to instead of a Mirror TV?” The answer is negative defiantly. Mirror TV is not that simple. In order to purchase a satisfied Mirror TV, you should understand it well before then. Perhaps you could save unnecessary structure and costs by using the Customized Service of Luxurite.

1. The mirror glass of Mirror TV is a kind of special plating mirror glass, not the ordinary glass or mirror what we usually see. This mirror glass with special design and processing could control the light going through, means the light transmittance and luminosity. So that we can guarantee the TV could present with gorgeous HD television programs when it’s on; and when it’s off, the TV is completely invisible.

2. The color of mirror. When the Mirror TV is off, it is showing as a mirror. You’d better choose the mirror color according to your preferences and adornment style before purchasing. Luxurite could provide professional solution on Mirror TV terminal, including silver mirror, dark brown mirror, you could also customize colors, and silk-screen print any pattern or logo you want.

3. Size of TV and Mirror. You could purchase Luxurite standard size Mirror TV, such as 15 inch mirror TV (1000 mm x 600 mm mirror dimensions, got landscape orientation and portrait orientation two types). We could also customize the TV size and mirror dimensions as required. The choices of TV size are: 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 22 inches, 27 inches, 37 inches, 42 inches, 47 inches and 65 inches etc.

4. Installation position of Mirror TV. If the mirror TV was installed in bathroom or other damp environment, it will need to have waterproof function, like using waterproof remote controls, waterproof speakers as whole waterproof structure. If it was installed in sitting room, bedroom or any public areas in hotels or stores, then it does not need waterproof function. So communicate with us and explaining the installation position before purchasing will save you much unnecessary structure and costs.

5. In order to adapt to a room’s adornment style or its multifunctional positioning in commercial environment, the appearance, size, shape, decorative pattern of mirror; the size of the TV and any special multimedia function etc. should be determined as early as possible, Luxurite will work with you to design your ideal mirror TV.

6. We choose LCD as TV display. Why it is LCD but not Plasma? First is the articulation, now most of high-end LCD resolution could reach 1080P, but only a few high-end plasma products could reach. There is less option, and the price is more expensive. Next is the lifetime, the plasma is high power consumption, high fever; life expectancy is lower than liquid crystal. If a TV required a long time usage, the burn screen problem of plasma will have to be considered. Most of Luxurite Mirror TV is made of new LED/LCD, it makes the TVs have clear gorgeous pictures, and also have “fine thin figure”.

7. About the LCD screen. At present most mirror screen divided into two types on the market: one is placing a special processing glass in front of a LCD panel; another one is using the special coating technology to form a very flat transparent film on the surface of the LCD, the mirror is actually combined with the LCD panel. In the actual effect, the first type is better. The second mirror screen processing technology is more complex and difficult, but with worse adornment effect, and mirror effect is poor, so great majority mirror screen LCD is processing by the first type technology on the market.

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