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Luxurite Set Top Box Converter For Waterproof TV

Due to the Luxurite TV’s strong waterproof function, Luxurite customer can continue to enjoy a casual and relaxed time even though they are in the bathroom. But because the main TV signal is still from the set top box in many areas, so there will be a problem we need to note, the decoration style of bathroom may be destructed by extra set-top box,what is more, all of the set top box in the market come without waterproof function, which makes the customer have to worry about if the waterproof TV can work well with a non- waterproof set top box.
Luxurite development team consider the problem fully and develop a STB converter specially for waterproof TV. The users can control the TV through pointing the remote control to the IR signal receiver in the front of TV instead of set top box , therefore the set top box is no longer necessary to be installed in the bathroom,we can locate it anywhere according our preference.
Small volume,big function.
The converter is as big as matchbox and can be hidden behind the TV easily. The use way is also very simple and only through 2 cables between TV and set top box to achieve the conversion, the TV will automatically transfer the IR signal it receives to set top box.The consumption of mini converter is very little and get the power automatically from TV itself when we turn on the TV,which is very different from other electronic products and also make us like it better.

The best choice for set top box user
It is sure there is not any changes required by the converter in the existing installation environment, Just simply connect specific interface of TV and the set top box using the cable from converter, the conversion function can be achieved. Even though it is a small change,but it take users a great convenience and comfort, the users won’t need to worry about the set top box will be intruded by bathroom water vapor, on the other hand, the set-top box will not destruct decoration aesthetic feeling of the bathroom.The TV set-top box is freed from now on and no longer a “follower”.
Our target is to provide the customer a variety of choices
Luxurite TV provide more choices for their customers,such as TV size,TV signal,I/O interface, installation ways,use environment etc.The customer always can find a suitable TV for their bathroom. Considering and satisfying the different needs from customers is Luxurite accumulated and summarized experience in the process of development constantly,therefore Luxurite master a variety of TV solutions through this way. Now matter what your bathroom environment is,you always can find the suitable TV in Luxurite.We are committed to provide users with a luxury, comfort and distinctive audio-visual time.