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Luxurite walk into the crystal empire of Swarovski

Project Name: Swarovski Crystal Luxurious Bathroom
Project Product: Luxurite Waterproof TV

Project Overview:
A new concept of Crystal Bathroom – Swarovski Crystal Luxurious Bathroom, recently appeared in China Beijing stunningly, blend the architectural construction and appearance of crystal into Bathroom Design, the bold and special originality, no doubt, make the Swarovski Crystal Bathroom becoming a fashionable crowd of bathroom history.
In the crystal world of Swarovski bathroom, we could find not only the jewelly crystal, and a brilliant fashionable product – Luxurite Waterproof TV; also attract the attention of consumers. 19″ Luxurite Waterproof TV – legend series in the private space of Swarovski crystal that filled with magical light reflection, frequently have a spiritual interaction with crystal, water, granite and marble, create an incomparable harmonious world.
The world’s top crystal production enterprise Austria Swarovski, leaded the international design style which is always an indispensable element in the modern interior design field. Abundant traditional accumulation and eternal modern design, and allocate the high-end brand equipment – luxurious Luxurite TV; these are enough to make Swarovski Bathroom becoming the symbol of luxury and status.
Project Reference Resources:

Swarovski Bathroom is the masterwork of a famous Paris designer Rose Mary (ROSEMARIE LE GALLAIS), who is the creative director of Swarovski’s subordinate crystal high-end brand Daniel Swarovski. Swarovski Bathroom is the symbol of luxury and status. Swarovski Bathroom is always advocating the concept of customisable designing, the service system throughout the sales process of consultation, design and installation, has become a new milestone in the bathroom industry. The global management service center of Swarovski Bathroom located in the German city of Dusseldorf King Street boutique Stilwerk, coordinated its global sales and service. The Swarovski Bathroom flagship store in Beijing Building Materials Trade Tower is the first flagship store of Swarovski Bathroom China.
The inspiration fountainhead of creative Swarovski Bathroom is the pure and beautiful crystal, and the almost endless possibility of shape changing of the crystal. Swarovski as a global brand, since 1895, the establishment of the company, more than one hundred years, has been committed to produce the highest quality cut crystal, and cooperate with the world famous designers and fashion brand in fashion and interior design field.