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10 Tips On Choosing A Mirror TVs

If you are considering a mirror TV then it is always a good idea to try to physically visit a showroom and see the effect and quality of the mirrors they have. I hope that give you a good idea of what is available, but you need to check it out in person to be sure of what you are getting. Having said that, here a few point to bear in mind when thinking about mirror TVs

A LCD TV is preferred to a plasma, as the plasma needs the air to be circulating around the screen to help cool it and prevent the risk of fire.
Thinner is better. The thinner the TV the better the picture or mirror effect will work. Many manufacturers design for popular models and so it may be possible to see the TV you are interested in on display.
A black mirror TV will work better than a silver or light colored one. This is primarily because black behind the mirror will help the reflection when the mirror TVs is off, whereas silver may show through. It is possible to cover the TV frame with black material if any of it shows through.
Check the position of the speakers on the TV you wish to hide. Ensure the speakers are not flush with the TV.  Speakers that face to the rear or the back are better than front facing ones which will be covered.  If possible choose a TV with external speakers, preferably wireless, that avoids the cable mess! Speaker covers may be different colors to the main TV and covering them with thin black material can help to conceal them behind the mirror.
Check the position of the TV buttons you will need to access them at some point. The sensor will be covered by glass and possibly black backing, but it should still operate although its range may be decreased it is worth checking this out during final installation as it is possible to get repeaters installed.
Where is the remote sensor mounted  it needs to be close to the screen and not covered by any backing for the remote to work.
Try to get the mirror the same size as the TV screen- then the TV frame is hidden by the mirror frame. If the mirror is bigger than the TV then using thin black material can conceal it. But do not attach anything directly to the glass mirror. The mirror should be as close to the TV screen as possible without touching it. The further away the glass from the screen the more likely you are to see the TV through the glass. Mirror glass comes in two thicknesses generally 4mm and 6mm. The 4mm if preferred for picture quality but the 6mm is stronger. It depends upon your application as to which one is best.
Any mounting supports need to be strong enough to support the weight of the TV, the glass and the frame. Mounting options include hung on the wall, recessed into the wall or placed in a cabinet. The easiest option is to attach the TV to a frame that is the size of the TV with the mirror over the TV screen and hold the TV in place using double sided tape or L hooks. The bigger the gap between the wall and the TV the better the temperature of the TV, but this has to be weighed up with the effect you are trying to achieve. You may prefer to get a professional to install your mirror TV safely.
Once your Mirror TV is installed you will need to keep an eye on the temperature of the TV to make sure it doesn’t overheat according to manufacturers specifications. If the temperature gets to high then very small cooling fans can be mounted behind the TV to move the air and help keep the temperature down.
Bathroom TVs are a special application. The glass used is different to the one used for other mirror TVs and is very fragile. The mirror is usually the bathroom vanity and is often much bigger than the TV mounted with it. The TV is usually mounted into a recess in the wall and has to be weatherproof. The back of the mirror will have a black backing placed close to the glass everywhere where the TV is not. It is always worth getting the advice of a professional before installing a bathroom mirror TV.

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