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Waterproof Mirror TV 32-inch LUXURITE
Brand: Luxurite
Type: lw22
Screen size: 22 inches
Screen ratio: 16:9 widescreen
Definition: 1080p (Full HD)
Screen Resolution: 1680 × 1050
Speed scanning (anti-tail): 100/120Hz frequency (double speed)
Flat Panel / LCD TV type: LCD LCD TV
Screen response time: 6-8 ms (with 6 ms)
Features: Digital terrestrial digital signal receiving one machine
O: S-Video Interface
Other HDMI interface …
Panel Type: Other
Service: Genius
Best viewing distance: 2.5 meters (37 inches)
Lake Strip (LUXURITE UK LTD) is one of the first R & D Waterproof TV, and has been in development for the competitiveness of the brand in key areas of technology innovation, is now the UK’s most popular brands of kitchen and TV one.

CRYSTAL MIRROR technology and LABYRINTH waterproof technology allows LUXURITE products are superior to similar products, and the wide temperature range and the relatively high cost of technology is gradually applied to highlight waterproof Mirror TV series, so that the quality of the next level.
LUXURITE core but not all are in global sourcing by the British, and strictly control product quality, waterproof speakers such as the UK, Japan, and the original substrate PANEL LCD panel and so on. Produced through the layers of testing. Strictly.
Lake Strip from the United Kingdom has been the brand of service and quality first, buy LUXURITE product, you can rest assured product quality and after-sales service, which is different from other products on the market was one of the characteristics.

LUXURITE waterproof TV is the first one of R & D in water technologies are constantly improving: Early alternating most of the products sealed with the original, the difficulty of this operation must gradually be replaced.
Also part of the low demand for water products, such as squeezing a rubber ring seals, as this approach is the poor permeability.
LUXURITE through research and development in addition to LABYRINTH waterproof structure is the most superior waterproof structure, but also in its first two on the basis of additional waterproof structure, have higher requirements.
IPxx dust shell is waterproof waterproof rating criteria, 6 of which is completely dust into the organization. 5 is flush with water without any harm. LUXURITE IP65 waterproof products through testing

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