Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Waterproof Outdoor TV Move TV outdoors enrich our life

Outdoor TV is specially designed and constructed so as to come into contact with the rain, condensation, wind and direct sunlight.
All components are well made in an external TVcovered and sealed to keep air and water.
Keep the humidity and the air access to the parts contained in television is an integral part of the process.
The inner workings of television, is then wrapped in a waterproof surround sound with a special cover for the screen.
These are usually LCD TV and HD Ready.
Most have accessories like remote controls, personal protective equipment  TV, are not immune to dirt in its aesthetic value , and a wide range of media that are available forminimum charge. Most also come with a minimum of one year warranty with additional warranty available for sale.
Patented baffled and filtered dual fan airflow system keeps unit cool and dry in all environments
Innovative watertight cable-entry system and pass-through system keeps cables dry and easy to hook up
Compatible with nearly all video sources: antenna, satellite, cable, DVD, VCR and PCs
Conformal coating protects internal electronics from humidity related corrosion  damage
IR external control window for use with Crestron- and AMX- type control systems
Weatherproof  outdoor TV Includes Water-resistant Remote control!
Contrast enhancing anti glare and scratch resistant window protects the LCD screen from rain and dirt
The user friendly operator controls are also sealed against rain
Optional pole mounting kit is available
One Year factory warranty included – Extended warranty available see options and pricing below
Weatherproof  outdoor TV can be very useful for many inside and outside.
They are a good way to bring the family to spend time together, have a variety of activities.
Children can play on this page and get the exercise they need, while parents and guardians to monitor themissing soap or the big game.
Weatherproof outdoor TV built and maintained a great opportunity for our guests with movies under the stars.
That can be used with other devices to view slide shows, family videos or play music on a connection.
With so many potential applications, it is not difficult to understand why so many American families, implemented the use of TV weather elements in their organization.

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