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The Successful Research & Development of Waterproof TV Set-Top Box Converter

Independent Research & Development of Set-Top Box Converter by Luxurite

The great waterproof function of Luxurite Waterproof TV helps our users to enjoy a relaxed leisure time in bathroom. However, due to most areas of our country are still using set-top box to convert TV signal at present, huge set-top box setting in the elegant bathroom seems to be not so beautiful, what’s more, the set-top box on the market does not have waterproof function. It makes a lot of users concern about the usage of Waterproof TV caused by the failure of set-top box, penny wise and pound foolish.

Luxurite Research & Development (R&D) team fully consider the problems which set-top box users may met, equipped waterproof TV with the set-top box converter. Now users no longer need to control TV by pointing to set-top box, they could directly point to the converter probe which is connected with TV. Therefore the set-top box could be placed in any convenient place outside bathroom.

Small Volume, Great Function

The Waterproof TV set-top box converter which was independent Research and Development by Luxurite is only matchbox size volume, could be easily placed behind the TV, easily hidden. Luxurite R&D team keep things simple of converter by using the“3in1”upgraded socket, only through two plug wires connected between TV and set-top box to realize the conversion, small working necessary energy is needed, it could obtain energy from working TV.

The Convenience for Set-Top Box Users

Luxurite Waterproof TV Converter doesn’t require any change on the existing installation environment, just need to connect the converter with the upgraded socket of Waterproof TV and set-top box by the two plus wires to realize the conversion. Although this is just a little change, it brings great convenience to users. On the one hand, users’ no longer need to worry about the set-top box would be intruded by the water vapor within bathroom. On the other hand, they no longer need to worry about the antipathetic bathroom adornment caused by the set-top box. The set-top box can be placed anywhere outside bathroom, it is no longer a heel of TV.

Providing Our Customers with Variety of Choices Is Our Principle

Luxurite TV provide our customers with variety of choices, you will find the most satisfied solution in TV size, TV signal, function port, installation method, operating environment. Considering the needs of different clients is the principle which Luxurite constantly pay attention in the process of development, it is also an accumulation and experience of Luxurite. Therefore Luxurite mastered many latest TV solutions; we are committed to provide users with a luxury, comfortable and special audio-visual time.