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Luxurite brand of waterproof TV will achieve Luxury living

After a day of hard work, we look forward toa good relaxation. Some of the happiest people smell to high heaven at the end of the day. There’s nothing better than a long soak in a hot bath. Moment of warmth can be lengthy, cold winter, enjoy a hot bubble bath. If you can watch your favorite TV shows and drink a glass of red wine in the bathroom and that will be even more beautiful life. Luxurite brand of waterproof TV will achieve Luxury living. Although Waterproof TV is not a new product for many people, many people do not know how to buy it.

With the development of Electronic display industry science and technology, LED TV gradually occupy the market. Luxurite in order to meet consumer demand, Constantly improve the quality and services. Luxurite launched the new product waterproof LED TV, and then Upgrade the structural design of TV. Luxurite Legend series waterproof TV for playback only has active styling and is so thin, fits into every place and occasion. Hi-Fi Voice: High quality and professional voice processing and compressing technologies make the timbres and tones even clearer. it not only meets the needs of watching free movies in a warm bath but also deliver high-quality visual effects. The bathroom is no longer a place to wash the sieve, With lifestyle changes, the whole bathroom concept has begun to enter people’s lives. Luxurite brand waterproof TV will change the traditional concepts of bathroom design guide people to enjoy a whole bathroom life. The whole bathroom concept is the latest wave of bathroom design. For example, You can watch the football league or Receive e-mail, surfing the web by using luxurite waterproof TV. Oh, yes. Belive in who your eyes, luxurite TV is designed with WIFI function and with DB 15 VGA Input, when you are lying in the bath suddenly remember you need to receive an important e-mail, You do not need to leave the comfort of the bathroom and back to computer If you choose to install Luxurite brand of WIFI waterproof TV. you can use a crucial handoff function to to complete the work of your network. LUXURITE waterproof LCD TV were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the U.S. , Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. LUXURITE bathroom waterproof TV screen size: 15.4-inch, 17 inch, 19″, 22″, 27″, 32″, 37″, 42 inch and 52 inches. The colours of LCD screen: Silver Mirror, Black Mirror, Blue, red, gold, pearl white. LUXURITE is a professional manufacturer of waterproof lcd TV, Has more than 200 agents to serve customers around the world. LUXURITE Is one of the world’s leading brand suppliers.You can customize the size and color.(info@luxurite.com)

Luxurite waterproof TV powerful sourcing team have good relationship with over 300 world-class authorized distributors and Independent distributors in worldwide. Luxurite manages as ISO quality control system. Products of luxurite have approval of UL, CE, TUV and CQC certification.

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