Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

potlight on:luxurite Waterproof televisions Legend Series

UK design firm Luxurite has developed a high-end waterproof television, providing
a venue to watch your favorite television
program from the comfort of a relaxing bath.
The Diamond Series HD television features a *16*:10 luxury WSXGA large screen, soft-touch buttons that sit flush to the polished surface, and a watertight remote control.
Mirrored panels double as a stylish bathroom mirror when the television is not in use. US$10,000 for a 57 inch screen.

apply the latest technology to our waterproof TV series and make it all worthwhile. Internally installed waterproof speaker provides an excellent audio experience to your TV program.
With 12V power input, 40W capability, 450:1 contrast rating and 500cd/m2 brightness, waterproof TV series bring you a brand new display experience. Even from a long distance and a wide angle, you can easily operate on your TV with remote control.
Already imaging to have one, aren’t you?

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