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LUXURITE believes every job position here is designed for our customers. We try our best to offer you a quality
service that matches the exquisite quality products.

Our regional representatives and national helpdesk would always like to provide first-hand help and support
to customers. Follow-up installation and customization for each purchase guarantee that our products and
service will be always around you somewhere near.

Taking care of your needs and making just-for-you products are our everyday ambition. Should you need any
support, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d be happy to do our best ASAP.

Your local waterproof LCD TV outdoor TV, mirror TV, kitchen TV & Bathroom TV supplier. As always, LUXURITE’s local partners are your first stop for all
your potential inquiries. To get you the highest after-sales service level, LUXURITE has certified a number
of highly qualified service partners with excellent reputations, who are also highly trained to serve you in
accordance with Luxurite’s exacting standards.

Distribution, oversea channels sales enquiries: ingrid.li@luxurite.com

(national account, distributor, general company information enquiries)

Independent Bathroom/Kitchen enquiries: debra.walne@luxurite.com

UK Regional Representative

Other enquiries

Not know which one related? General enquiries: info@luxurite.com