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Commercial opportunity

Luxurite is market & centric company with strong R & D capabilities. We focus on bathroom & kitchen TV series, and we are looking for new business ideas and expand our product lines, especially for LCD products like Cabinet TV, under Cabinet TV, flip-down TV, outdoor TV and etc.. So if anything you want to share with Luxurite, please feel free to contact us.
Luxurite area Distributors and partners With the business development in UK, Luxurite has set up a national distribution channel, through which we learned a lot of industry knowledge and experience from end customers. With unique business ideas and quality products, Luxurite is representing you new products and opportunities. We have local distributors and partners in different areas and countries. They are working with Luxurite for a better future. Our basic requirements for local distributors & area partners.
New product development cooperation We believe Luxurite’s future depends on customers. So we are always keen to hear from you anytime regarding any product & improvement suggestion. Our limitations and new product ideas, we’d be really happy to know from you. Passion for innovation is from the strong desire that we want to be the best provider of bathroom TV, kitchen TV, cabinet TV, and under cabinet TV.
A career at Luxurite

As a leading industrial household appliance producer in UK, Luxurite offers great career future in an industry that combines exciting elements of product manufacturing & developing, brand design& marketing.

Luxurite’s future relies on initiative, creativity and people who work here. We are always looking for talents who can work with us and grow in a stimulating environment. Working for a better future is the job for both managers and staff.