Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!


Set up in 2002 in Manchester and branded as a leading TV solution provider, LUXURITE specializes in research, development, manufacture and sales of high-end audio-visual appliances. Integrated our customer oriental brand philosophy with high quality products, we have continuously been serving our global clients by providing most professional visual solutions with high quality. Inherited from the traditional Britain luxury and elegance and based on the concept of “EXPAND YOUR VISION”, LUXURITE became one of the top level luxury brands worldwide.

Fully considered the characteristics of high-end customers, the professional R&D team of LUXURITE makes your imagination possible with advanced thoughts and innovative technologies such as Magic Mirror technology, Waterproof technology and Broad Temperature technology. LUXURITE is devoted to provide you with the most luxury audio-visual pleasure.

As one of the top companies in the industry, LUXURITE is continuously thinking about how to enable people to enjoy their life smarter, and is leading a high-end lifestyle by its fashion, innovation and technology. LUXURITE was born for luxury, and watching LUXURITE Waterproof TV while lying in the bath to relax and enjoy your bathing time has become the new life concept of high–end customers.

Taking innovation as motivation, excellence as core and humanity as fountain, LUXURITE insists on establishing and maintaining a high-end brand image, offering the best design, the top quality and the warmest service.



Luxuriate high-end Kitchen and Bathroom TVs quickly gain recognition in China market, it has lead the Chinese Kitchen and Bathroom TV industry within a short period, and has built up the industry benchmarking with international standard. Started from the first Five Starred Hotel Project – supplying Bathroom Waterproof TV for Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club Hotel which was invested by Hong Kong Goldin Properties Holdings Limited in 2010, LUXURITE has completed hundreds of residential and hotel related TV Supplying Projects, the successful cases are all over China.



LUXURITE is the first and the only high-end Kitchen and Bathroom brand which enter the retail market, fill the blank of Kitchen and Bathroom TV in the domestic market successfully. Besides, LUXURITE has cooperated with well-known design company to create high-end Kitchen and Bathroom spaces. Luxuriate has established a strategic cooperative partnership with dozens of well-known Kitchen and Bathroom brands, such as SWAROVSKI, Boloni, Musi, Mingjia, Homelike, , Versace tile, NOBILIA, ALNO, Vohringer and Beijing CRAFT Senior wood design house, becoming the unique leader in the Kitchen and Bathroom TV field.