Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

British Heritage

LUXURITE was established in the Capital of the North –Manchester in 2002, specialises in Bathroom TVs and Kitchen TVs and interprets its luxury positioning by "EXPAND YOUR VISION". Manchester’s history as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the world’s first computer makes it a natural home for a luxury technology brand like LUXURITE. We have drawn on the city’s industrial and design heritage, and married it with Chinese efficiency, craftsmanship and appreciation of luxury courtesy of our Shenzhen Development and Manufacturing Labs, to pioneer the development of innovative home entertainment possibilities.
LUXURITE was born for luxury, and watching LUXURITE Waterproof TV while lying in the bath to relax and enjoy your bathing time has become the new life concept of high–end customers. The luxury image of LUXURITE TV has been interiorized, and has obtained lots of honours on the design and quality of its products, which has been continuously reported by the worldwide luxury magazines and estate publications. In 2006, LUXURITE was expanding its market share in the UK and European market at an incredible speed. In 2009, LUXURITE had become the biggest manufacturer and vendors of Bathroom TV and Kitchen TV in the UK.


Decades Focused

Dedicating to be the most exquisite of industry achieves the excellence. LUXURITE has authorised more than 300 retailers to display and sell their products in showrooms around the UK, including PORCELANOSA and MARK WINKINSONS which has always been supplying British Royal family exclusively, and more showrooms with a history of over hundred years. LUXURITE was awarded A Class supplier because of their diamond–like quality and excellent after–sale service. LUXURITE perennially supplies products to GREENE KING PLC the biggest pub chain group in the UK (runs more than 1700 pubs around the UK), BENCH MARX kitchen chain shops which is the subordinate of TRAVIS PERKINS the biggest building materials company in the UK, and MAGNET Ltd which is the subordinate of NOBIA the biggest kitchen furniture company in Europe. LUXURITE products were also shown in all MAGNET’s 220 showrooms. Since 2009, LUXURITE has successfully established the global distribution network which covers the Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, serving customers from all over the world.