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Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

May 30, 2015
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Project name: Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Project Product: 15'' Customised Waterproof Mirror TV Project Address: 5…
How Luxurite Makes Quick Response to a Total Customised Order?   Congratulation! The first time cooperation bet…

LUXURITE Customised TOTEM Magic TV

February 09, 2015
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LUXURITE Expand to Customise TOTEM Magic TV Cooperation with Gesaky Interactive deepens LUXURITE UK Ltd.’s orient…

Product Line of Outdoor TV Updated in 2015

January 31, 2015
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LUXURITE Updated Product Line of Outdoor TV in 2015 Thrilling news that LUXURITE UK Ltd finally comes to a new breakthro…
Installation Suggestions for LUXURITE Waterproof TV LUXURITE UK Ltd does offer customised service for waterproof TV…
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Enjoy Unrivalled Watching Experience to the Greatest Extent In today’s technology-driven society, most programm…

Find the Secret of Waterproof TV

December 13, 2014
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Find the Secret of Waterproof TV If you are fond of discovering latest high-tech products, choosing unique deluxe hote…
Extraordinary Waterproof TV sets in Grand Hyatt Taipei In recent years, combining waterproof TV with the bathroom has…
Kempinski Marsa Malaz: Luxurite LW19SM Waterproof TV The upcoming soft opening of the Kempinski Marsa Malaz in Decemb…

Rosewood Corniche

November 13, 2014
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LUXURITE Waterproof TV in Middle East: Rosewood Corniche The cooperation with Rosewood Corniche is another one of LUX…