Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Enjoy Unrivalled Watching Experience to the Greatest Extent

In today’s technology-driven society, most programmes around the world can be watched on television at home. Through the internet, you’ll easily get close to every favourite programme: drama, movie, news, cooking…… A whole new lifestyle is becoming increasingly accepted. When sitting in the comfortable sofa, when taking a warm shower in bathroom, or even when preparing a superb meal for your family, you can enjoy unrivalled watching experience to the greatest extent without going out for a travel. Luxurite uk ltd. provides appropriate solutions for every area of your house.

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Perfect for Living Room: Luxurite 55”/65” Mirror TV
Inherited from the most mature and classic silver mirror series, Luxurite 55 inch Mirror TV is innovatively designed and is endowed with glass bevel surroundings. With the elegance of European royal style, it brings incomparable fantasy to your home. Crystal Mirror technology enables the TV to combine the normal mirror and TV sets magically. When you are watching your favourite programmes, cosily sitting in the sofa, the TV seems to blend into the surrounding environment perfectly. Now your guests will feel amazing at first sight of the TV!

Best Choice for Bathroom: Luxurite Waterproof TV
When staying at luxury hotels, the waterproof TV in the bathroom must be one of the most unforgettable things in your memory. Combining cutting-edge technologies and aesthetic design, waterproof TV introduces a remarkable pinnacle of sophistication and serene luxury. With Luxurite waterproof TV series (the Legend Series, the Elegant Series and the Diamond Series), now you can comfortably enjoy unequalled watching pleasure while taking a bath, and have no need to worry about the screen being misted up. All types of Luxurite waterproof TV series have adopted the top waterproof technology and have passed the IP66 waterproof test, while the remote controls have even correspondingly passed IP68 test, in order to adapt to the practical application.

Fantastic Kitchen Companion: Luxurite Kitchen TV
Have you ever feel a little bit boring when cooking in the kitchen? Luxurite believes that it is the time to change your concept now. The conversion is necessary, because love is the most magic seasoning. When preparing a superb meal for the beloved family, a set of Kitchen TV is a fantastic companion as well as a cooking guide. You can watch your favourite programmes when cooking spectacular dishes, or even refer to the recipe and learn to do some creations. The cooking process will be no longer boring with Luxurite 10”/12”/14”/15” Kitchen TV.

As one of the leading providers of household appliance, Luxurite uk ltd. insists on bringing people all over the world unrivalled visual and audio pleasure. Luxurite always bring high technique and outstanding design in a professional way.