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How Luxurite Makes Quick Response to a Total Customised Order?   Congratulation! The first time cooperation between Luxurite UK Ltd (referred to below as “Luxurite”) and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milan is a great success.   Luxurite is honoured to be the main waterproof TV supplier for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Europe. Grasping the chance to be better, Luxurite makes unremitting efforts toward the coming opening of MOHG Milan.   7th, March, 2015, Luxurite got the urgent inquiry from an Italian company leader in the sector of the contract furnishings worldwide, who is managing a prestigious project in Milan (Italy): the SPA of the Mandarin Oriental. That is 42’’ waterproof TV plus three additional pieces mirror glasses used in mobile minibar storage fitness room.   While all things go smoothly of the 42’’ TV, another urgent problem arose that there still another 32’’ TV unit plus two pieces of mirror glasses needed in the SPA of the hotel. Luxurite did not receive this information from the contractor until 1th, April (not a joke), what is the most problem is the TVs should be handed to the contractor two weeks later, i.e. 13th, April at the latest; however, the normal lead time for such total customised order (referred to 32’’ TV here) is about 20 days, not including commercial and delivery time— that means Luxurite takes a great challenge about this order. Luckily, Luxurite closes the orders perfectly.   Hereby, 42’’ TV is finishing all drawing confirmation and commercial parts of total fours units, which already gets into the production procedure. Regarding the 32’’ TV, thanks for both cooperation, it only takes one week to reach a consensus of the specification (both size drawings confirmation) and commercial agreement, on the basis that Luxurite has the confidence to prepare the units for delivery before 13th, April, the scheduled lead time of the contractor.   At last, the units are well prepared for delivery being pushed aside all obstacles and difficulties on 13th, April, as what Luxurite promises.   Before placing production order, it needs both sides confirmation about TV sizes, mirror specification, installation environment, installation method and relevant confirmation. All these information needed to be included Luxurite professional engineering drawing so that can present a clear and detailed idea for customer of what they will get. The drawing confirmation is always the main part to take times before placing order.   From receiving the order requirements to delivery, Luxurite has the potential to make order as promptly as when and what customers urgent needs require, of cause not fulfilling by scarifying the quality, but just unleashing every potential to accomplish what Luxurite can do.   milanwenhua
About Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milan   Designed as a stylish and intimate hotel, featuring 104 guestrooms including 34 suites, Mandarin Oriental, Milan will be housed in the re-development of three elegant 19th Century buildings, ideally located on Via Monte di Pieta, one of Milan’s most prestigious addresses. The property provides easy access to the city’s important commercial, fashion and cultural centres, and is a short walk from many major tourist and shopping attractions.   Mandarin Oriental, Milan will feature a classic but contemporary interior style, with exacting attention to detail, reflective of the Group’s oriental heritage. At the heart of the hotel will be an elegant open courtyard, which will be a prime feature of the property. The luxurious guestrooms will be amongst the largest in the city, with Mandarin Oriental’s renowned customer-centric technology providing guests with highly sophisticated in-room entertainment.   The Spa at Mandarin Oriental will be Milan’s most comprehensive, offering a holistic approach to rejuvenation and relaxation in a tranquil, meditative setting. Incorporating an all-inclusive range of wellness, beauty and massage treatments, the spa will offer signature programmes created exclusively by Mandarin Oriental. As with many Mandarin Oriental spas, the space will include private treatment rooms as well as significant water and heat therapies. An indoor swimming pool and a comprehensive fitness centre will further add to the hotel’s leisure facilities.

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