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Installation Suggestions for LUXURITE Waterproof TV

LUXURITE UK Ltd does offer customised service for waterproof TV/ bathroom TV to expand your vision and fulfill your creative idea. For the appearance and the function, it can be your favorite way and it can be whatever you like. The installation way, however, it should be the professional suggestion from the technical man to be safe and stable enough. So here, LUXURITE UK Ltd presents you with the LUXURITE style installation recommendation for your reference. ddd If you are a perfectionist and cherished your house wall, the bracket hanging installation way will be your best choice as there will be no holes on the wall except small holes for the power socket and other necessary ones. LUXURITE provides the strip bracket for this installation and the back of TV will be equipped with the hanging part bracket as one set. So what you need to do after the TV is arrived to your house is just to place the position for the sockets, connect the cables, fix the strip brackets on the wall and lastly hang the TV to the bracket on wall; no more complex procedure then you can have a fantastic view of the luxurious enjoyment. Hanging-on-wall way, however, is only available and safe for not such large mirror size with mid-size TV. For bigger TV size like larger than 55’’ TV and larger mirror size like 2000*2000 mm, it has to adopt the wall flush installation method which means big hole will be dug for fixing the TV body. Here for flush wall installation method, accessories apart from strip brackets, the magnets will play an essential role in it. Actually, magnets absorption for wall flush installation is also simple and concise method for big size mirror TV say LUXURITE Mirror Living series. This installation method only needs several magnets to make the TV stable in the wall. What you need to do is only use strong suction plate to push the TV into the wall hole until the magnet is adsorbed with magnets of another side in the wall. Then the mirror living TV is installed perfectly. Of course, you need to pay attention for the cable connection and signal is OK before pushing the TV into the hole. For much safer method to install the big size TV, there is available with a more complex way—with magnets and brackets together. The method is somehow similar to the last one, wall hole to fix the TV is required. The only different is equip magnets and brackets all at once on the back of the TV and inside the wall hole. Steadily Push the TV into the hole until the magnets and brackets are adsorbed simultaneously. This way is absolutely much safer for bigger size TV. All the installation method is only for recommendation by LUXURITE UK LTD. For more professional advice and more proper customization to meet your requirement, customer service line (+44 161 408 3066) is always available to hear your ideas.