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Luxurite bathroom TV has been serving world's light heavy weight boxing champion

Recently, we got to know that, world's light heavy weight boxing champion, Ricky Hatton has purchased several Luxurite bathroom TVs through one of our authorized retailers in Manchester, UK. Ever since Luxurite bathroom TV's been introduced to the world, it has always been the pursuit of European's upper income level. Clients are mostly from the aristocrat, sports stars, movie stars, company top management. LUXURITE specializes in research & development, manufacture & sales of high-end audiovisual appliances. Integrated our customer oriental brand philosophy with high quality products, we have been serving our global clients by providing high quality professional visual solutions for 8 years. Our sales channels are all cross the UK and EU, serving for customers everyday. Luxurite will always stick to brand idea of providing the first-class design, the first-class quality and the first-class service for our clients. As always, we will bring you the most luxurious audio visual experience.

bathroom tv,waterproof tv Our design teams are committed to providing you with the most beautiful and luxuriant products, and the Luxurite bathroom TV Elegant series will not disappoint the least. We ensure we use only the best quality materials in our elegant series and this is obvious when you see and feel its smooth streamlined exterior.

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