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LUXURITE Updated Product Line of Outdoor TV in 2015

Thrilling news that LUXURITE UK Ltd finally comes to a new breakthrough for outdoor TV after almost one and a half year long-time effort!

The old product line for outdoor TV, which has been existed for several years but with mess and disorder. Moreover, after these years’ record, search and data analysis, apart from the disorder and mess for outdoor TV product line, we fully understand the old outdoor TV price system was a bit high, no matter for European market or US market or other regions. Strategic altered according to reality and the market information is always significant for business progress— this motivates LUXURITE UK Ltd to keep searching and take action to update outdoor TV product line. To figure out the market situation is never bad for development.


Stepping into the New Year in 2015, LUXURITE UK Ltd is highly concerned about the price, the technical data for the outdoor TV. Regarding all these information, a comprehensive data sheet or say, Outdoor TV Catalogue, was born.

To say “Updates”, of course there will be something unique or different points comparing with the old product line. For LUXURITE outdoor TV, the difference is about the size. LUXURITE more focuses on big size alternatives including 40’’, 47’’, 55’’, 65’’ and 70’’, the most surprising thing is the largest outdoor TV size LUXURITE can fulfill is reaching to 80 inch! LUXURITE can turn out this new product line after taking all the sources into consideration— the power and the confidence. LUXURITE has a successful case for 55’’ outdoor TV that exported to Bulgaria, since then, as more and more demand for the customer according to inquiry, 70’’ and even 80’’ is coming out to meet the trend. The data included in the Outdoor TV Catalogue can comprehensively explain the availability.

In the integrated Outdoor TV Catalogue, the specific size/ dimension for each model has been clearly listed for reference so that customer can make a choice for favorite model. More professional specification is inclusive like resolution, contrast ratio and etc., the data is sorted from LUXURITE professional technical team. You can also find the inputs/ connectors in back of the outdoor TV in the catalogue— the real portrayal of outdoor TV in kind with 3D sketching technology from LUXURITE professional art designer. Furthermore, two installation methods by anti-theft bracket and floor stand bracket are vividly recommended for you, with the catalogue in hand, you just simply to tell which one is preferred. The most important element in one product catalogue should be the price, so does this Outdoor TV Catalogue. The price is systematically sorted out based on different configuration say different brightness including standard one, 1000cd/㎡ and 1500cd/㎡. Flexible listing for your free choices.

For more information like accessories and delivery details, you can get all at one glance in the catalogue.

The updated data of outdoor TV is a good beginning for LUXURITE UK Ltd in 2015. It shows LUXURITE’s passion to keep moving forward with customers. How can you still wait without any action for such an attractive Outdoor TV Catalogue?