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LUXURITE Expand to Customise TOTEM Magic TV

Cooperation with Gesaky Interactive deepens LUXURITE UK Ltd.’s orientation— Expand Your Vision.
Gesaky Interactive applies the RFID technology to fulfil cloth matching and choosing for customers—presenting wedding, dress and accessories in best reflection. You just need to stand in front of the mirror then you can be auto-designed or advised by the smart technology of beautiful skirts, or grace high-heeled shoes, or bling bling handbag; rotation, posing whatever you like so as to find out which most fits you. What LUXURITE UK Ltd. is related to this high-class technology is being one of their supplier for the incredible product, just called it Totem.
The first time LUXURITE was inquired in 2012 from this respectable company for a large quantity of Mirrors to be manufactured for an RFID application that Gesaky has opens the long-term and stable cooperation between LUXURITE UK Ltd. and Gesaky Interactive. Until now, 2015 is another new beginning year for this relationship.
It is a cheerful way for broadening the view to step closer to RFID technology also a path for LUXURITE UK Ltd. to make himself more perfect in professional area for Magic TV/ Mirror TV. LUXURITE UK Ltd. is asked to supply integrated unit including solid frame and magic mirror with two no. 22 inch TV, like a signage. LUXURITE silver mirror fully satisfies the customer’s need; before, silver mirror is a mirror only, but now, with Gesaky Interactive, the mirror is not just a mirror, it is smart as a robot and just like a friend. In 2015, the new transact is about silver mirror plus, a kind of super white finish, which meets the much higher requirement for the clothing displaying. Mirror to integrate two units of 22 inch TV is LUXURITE another proud technology. The flawless matching of the TV and the mirror is always the most tremendous point to shock you.
For the Totem, magic mirror TV no more adopts the frequent installation method like bracket or back box way, instead, the solid frame is used as a stable base like a firm wall with built-in slots to support the mirror. LUXURITE is always confident in customer’s high demand; every customisation order means a new level LUXURITE can achieve.
LUXURITE UK Ltd. is responsible for your imagination. Given a chance, LUXURITE can make your ideas come true.

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