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Bathroom Mirror Screen TV to Suit Your Interior Design Style

luxurite bathroom mirror tvThe new living room is almost perfect but the new humongous TV sticks out like a sore thumb. TV screen sizes become larger and larger and displayed in more prominent places, Turn off power supply, TV becomes a black rectangle, not a beautiful ornament. The revolutionary TV mirror glass easily solves this dilemma! This is no ordinary glass. With advanced technology Beam Splitter mirror avoids distortions in the TV is on, but turning off the TV, it is transformed into an antique looking decorative mirror! LUXURITE is a professional manufacturer of Mirror TV, Has more than 200 agents to serve customers around the world. LUXURITE Is one of the world's leading brand suppliers. LUXURITE mirror tvLUXURITE Mirror LCD TV technology uses a special film on the LCD panel laminated to give a reflection in the mirror When it is turned off, it shows only a 100% distortion free mirror. When the TV is activated, it transforms into a window to the world of entertainment, information and media. an ultra thin vanishing television mirror that has the appearance of being an attractive natural mirror. You can DIY an elegant frame for the mirror-screen TV to suit your interior design style. So, turn off the TV power, it became a side of magic mirror or bathroom mirror. Many people install a bathroom mirror TV. When you are shaving, At the same time, you can watch the morning news. LUXURITE mirror tvProduct Performance Thin design which shows fashion and grace. Splash-proof to add a new buzz to shower-time! ports allow consumers to connect a variety HDMI-enabled sources to their HDTVs. LUXURITE bathroom Mirror TV screen size: 15.4-inch, 17 inch, 19", 22", 27", 32", 37", 42 inch, 47-inch, 52-inch, 55-inch, 65", 70 inch and 82-inch. Support multi-language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. The color of the glass mirror: silver mirror, black mirror, pearl. If you are not satisfied with our mirror television series, LUXURITE provide customized services. luxurite is a luxury brand in the world in the UK, U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. morue detailed information about Luxurite glass mirror TV, please visit Please visit the product Glass TV page Product Consulting Service Innovative products, provide a comprehensive range of technical advisory services, the company is the development of the LUXURITE purposes, but also LUXURITE company rebate customers love the way. If has the question please to take the consultation after the guest to purchase again! You seek professional advice or counseling if, and when, needed. Luxurite Products provide professional advice and professional technology solutions.(Email: [email protected])

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