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Success Story of LW19CB Waterproof TV Set: Beijing Waldorf Hotel

With the concept of "Consistent Waldorf Services", Waldorf Hotel cares for every detail in a silent, luxurious and personalized style, which promotes the close cooperation between LUXURITE and Waldorf Hotel, and as a high end brand in the field of waterproof TV sets which "Cares for the beauty of extreme detail". LUXURITE carried out a deep planning for the project with Waldorf Hotel, and in December 2013, made a decision to closely combine 171 sets of LW19CB LUXURITE waterproof TV sets with the infrastructure services of the hotel, providing customers with more comfortable, more hospitable, more intelligent, more perfect and more preferential hotel services, and enabling experience of a higher level of luxury for customer in Waldorf Hotel. 20140429140725 In the 171 super luxurio us guest rooms with unique features in Waldorf Hotel, the LUXURITE waterproof TV sets are well harmonized with the feature decorations and decoration articles in each guest room according to the indoor decorations, and for Waldorf Hotel which is nit-picking in details, the success of the project is completely attributable to the considerate design of LUXURITE waterproof TV sets and the service concept "Carried forward from royal luxury", and LUXURITE waterproof TV sets are available in different screen sizes for free selections: 15.4", 17", 19", 22", 27", 32", 37", 42", 47", and 55". A variety of sizes can meet the needs of any room layout in hotels. At the same time, the screen surface can be silver, black, blue, red, gold and pearly white. To meet special needs, LUXURITE can also provide customized services. Such considerate brand services put the ultimate experience into the core of high end and typical services of LUXURITE, using the innovative services to support the high end waterproof TV core technologies, and enabling customers of Waldorf Hotel to enjoy the perfect comfort of luxury during use. How to meet the needs of the most nit-picking customers is what Waldorf Hotel takes efforts to realize and is also an issue to be solved by LUXURITE in the field of waterproof TV sets, so as to bring enjoyment in every detail, and provide forward looking experience, from high tech screens, world leading waterproof technologies, considerate cares for picture quality, and vivid surrounding sound effects, and the top services of Waldorf Hotel are well matched, and the most nit-picking customers can instantly experience the surprises from meticulous services from brand cooperation when they settle in the guest room. The successful cooperation between LUXURITE waterproof TV sets and Waldorf Hotel promotes finer services of Waldorf Hotel, and in the hotel industry, the competency of the hotel infrastructure is further enhanced. LUXURITE waterproof TV sets bring a more specific luxury, a more realistic experience, and a more comfortable life. 788497307B68F0AD274FB2DD39FBBC27_B1280_1280_685_1000 About Waldorf Hotel Beijing Waldorf Hotel is a luxurious hotel with rich cultures and an uncommon history. Here you can experience your unique legendary stories. Located in Wangfujing, the hotel is in the most prosperous central zone in Beijing. The main tower is a dramatic all copper building, modern and intricate, perfectly combining the history and culture in Beijing as well as the prosperities in the 21st century. It matches well with the intricate lifestyles in this historical capital, and will become classic with the passing of time. On the basis of its well-known service concept of "Consistent Waldorf Services" as well as "Privacy" and "Personalization", the hotel cares for every detail, enabling your each accommodation to be unforgettable, and providing you with realistic, impressive and unique experience. Beijing Waldorf Hotel has 171 super luxurious guest rooms with unique features in the main tower, of which 9 have a unique balcony, and 38 comfortable suites are also included. In the spacious and splendid guest rooms, the living room, working space and rest space are divided in a considerate way, and to create an extraordinary living environment, in every room of the hotel, the most modern facilities and luxurious living articles are provided. In addition, the hotel provides guests with surprising living experience in lanes. Waldorf Courtyard, as well as three lane suites and one lane guest room are respectively located in two beautiful courtyards. Waldorf Courtyard is a detached 2-floor courtyard integrating two bedrooms, one large court, one private swimming pool, one independent recreational area, one living room, and one dining room for 12 people.