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Build-In TV

Built-In TV

If someone asks what’s happening in our kitchens, we can’t really tell. Beside the usual coffee morning, muffin afternoons and steak dinners, there may be some parties and family weekends? Certainly we just want to high-light the time spent in the kitchen.

Luxurite TV introduces the new built-in TV to make life alot better, you know you don’t have to be bored. Luxurite’s Built-in TV comes with quality metal surface and touch screen control panel.

Fabulous styles and great capability to fit in any kitchen designs. The comprehensive input sockets can be connected to many signal sources, such as TV boxes, DVD players, laptops... No more missing your favourite programs, news, football games and more.

Can’t wait to enjoy the digital kitchen with thousands of TV shows and wonderful music? Find a nearest dealer and bring this TV home, you deserve it.

Build-In TV

Luxurite’s Built-in TV Window of world in your kitchen

Luxurite’s Built-in TV can be simply embedded into any kitchen cabinet door, and will only take minimal space once installed. The special rear structure and back mounting frame of this TV can help you to install it to any furniture in your kitchen or other rooms. Included are detailed dimensions in the enclosed manual, you only need to select a space and to construct the required housing.

Build-In TVBuilt-In TV
Something different

Luxurite’s Built-in TV is designed with a 17″ screen,smooth touch panel and alloy front navy blue indication lights. The metal surface make this TV properly fit in any kitchen design. Once you turn on the TV, the changing pictures and beautiful sounds will fill you with great spiritual energy. You will enjoy the difference as your kitchen is not only for cooking but alot more.([email protected])

Built-In TVBuild-In TV Build-In TV

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