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glass tv

Convenient Beyond words....

Finally, we have found the answer to all your television needs. The extremely convenient Glass TV can be used anywhere in the house. The Glass TVcannot be compared in style – its chic, its classy and its different! The Glass TV can be put up anywhere you wish. Its size and display make it easy to set up on glass screen or anywhere on the wall. As long as there is an electrical socket in close vicinity, there is no problem connecting the TV at all. Every part of the house can become a hot entertainment spot. You can be sure you will never miss anything on TV again.


Can’t imagine a life without the television these days right? That’s why we have introduced the snazzy Glass TV just for you – you can install it just about anywhere and watch all of your favorite shows! Imagine having to get ready for a party – its going to take you a while in front of the mirror but with the Glass TV installed in your mirror, you can watch the shows you love while you get ready for the party in front of it!

glass tv

Adding Aesthetic value....

A Glass TV can bring aesthetic value to any part of the house. Framing the glass screen beautifully, you can use it to cover blank spaces on walls, cupboards or any large furniture. This TV does not take up any extra space and with its attractive display, it will just add charm anywhere you desire.

luxurite mirror glass tv

No more boredom!

Whichever part of the house you wish to entertain family and friends, you just need to get a nice neat spot to install a Glass TV. And voila!!! Boredom will spare you its unwanted existence! Our Glass TV can be set up even behind the bar, so that when you relish your evening drink, you could still keep yourself entertained with the world news or your favourite sports.

So say goodbye to boredom today! You will never have to choose between chores and watching TV again. Luxurite Glass TV can easily be installed in the sitting room, on the bathroom mirror or on your bedroom wardrobe. With is highly advanced technology, there is simply nothing better – Get your Glass TV today!

LUXURITE bathroom Mirror Glass TV screen size: 15.4-inch, 17 inch, 19″, 22″,26″, 27″, 32″, 37″, 42 inch, 47-inch, 52-inch, 55-inch, 65″, 70 inch and 82-inch. You can customize the size and color.([email protected])
Glass TV Technical specifications
Functions Specification
 LCD SIZE   10″, 15 inch, 17″, 19″, 22″, 26″, 27″, 32″, 37″, 42″, 47″, 52″, 55″, 65″, 70″ and 82 inch
Viewing Angle 17 inch 1440x900
22 inch 1680 x1050
32 inch 1920 x1080
37 inch 1920 x1080
42 inch 1920 x1080
52 inch 920 x1080
Drive System a-Si TFT active matrix
Display Colours 16.7M colours
Number of Pixels 1366 x R.G.B. x768 (16:9)
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical stripe
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.1405 (H) x 0.4215 (V)
TFT Module size (mm) 626.0 (H) x 373.5(V) x43.2 (D)
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Brightness 500nits
Response Time 8ms
Lifes 60,000 hours
TFT LCD Surface Treatment Anti-Glare Coating (Haze 25%) Hard Coating(3H)
Backlight 12 cold cathode flourescent lamps.
Input Voltage  100-240VAC (wide power supply)
Power consumption 120W MAX.
Audio 2 x 5 Watts
RF Selection Tuning
TELETEXT 300 pages
On Screen Graphics Selectable via handset
Certificates FCC,CE,RoHs
Colour / Finish Black , Others on application
OSD Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
Accessories Remote controller, Cell(2 x AAA Batteries), AC wire.
System Video system PAL, SECAM, DVB-T
Audio system BG, DK, I, L/L'
Input Signal DTV
Modulation COFDM 2K/8K QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM.
Video System MPEG-II [email protected]
Audio System MPEG-1/2 layer 1,2,3
Basic Function EPG, Subtitle, Teletext, (EURO), MHEG-5(UK)
AV, S-video AV Cable input, S-video input
Audio Audio 1 (R/L speaker input)
Audio 2 (R/L speaker input)
PC DB 15 VGA Input
HDMI 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p,1080i, 1080p

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