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14inch Flip Down Kitchen TV

Post-Modern Representative

Based on innovative design concept, LUXURITE Kitchen TV LFV14 can fully meet your needs. She inherited the cutting-edge technologies and powerful functions from LFV series, and married post-modern beauty with product design as well, which makes her another acme of LUXURITE Kitchen TV Series. The ultra-thin foldable and rotatable screen, the compact hanging structure, the high-definition audio-visual effects…… all of her characteristics shows the elegant and noble tradition. The graceful curve reflects her ingenious temperament, the suitable colour draws her understated quality, and the exquisite craftsmanship manifests her distinctive style.
  • 3-in-1 invisible, foldable and rotatable Kitchen TV, H300/V120 free rotation
  • Ultra-thin Samsung/LG LED Screen with 360 Degree Multi Angle display
  • Digital & Analogue integrated Full HD display solution
  • with TV/AV/HDMI/SD card reader/USB HD data interface
  • ATSC/ NTSC TV signal in, coaxial threaded connection
  • IP66 Anti-Lampblack intelligent touch buttons
  • Optional Customised linkage with intelligent household and intelligent entrance guard visible talkback system
  • Optional Customised connection to the Internet
  • DVD/CD Enjoy
    Fume Resistance and Operatable with Hands Wet
  • V 120° Free Rotation
    H 300° Free Rotation
  • USB Interface
    3 in 1 Card Reader
With the extraordinary and unique post-modern style, she is more like an elegant artwork in your kitchen.



1. Install the necessary data cable and power cable behind the cabinet according the installation location of the TV. Please take the data cable and power cable into consideration when designing the installation procedure. Please make sure the installation location of the TV is as far as possible from stove and water pool. 2. Please use the template to locate the screw holes position, and make the holes at the positions shown on the template. 3. Place the TV under the bottom plate of the cabinet, fix the screws upon the plate into the TV unit through the 4 screw holes at the correct position. (As shown in the figure) 4. Connect the data cable and power cable; debug the TV and finishing installation.