Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Mirror TV, Outdoor TV Can Expand Your Vision!

Commercial Customised service

LUXURTIE commercial customised service is dedicated for business enterprise or other associations, for example, hotels and restaurants, pubs and bars, integrated kitchen furniture companies, integrated bathrooms equipment companies. LUXURITE always meets your needs with abundant experience, extraordinary products and considerate services.

Individual Customised Service

LUXURITE launched individual customised service so personal customers can choose specific sizes, colours, materials (for example, glass) for your LUXURITE products such as waterproof TV, glass TV, embedded TV etc. You can even choose the features such as TV functions, WIFI functions, PC functions, LUXURITE design team can help you design your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom designing.

LCD/LED Size: 7”-82”
Panel Size: Standard Size, Custom Size, Special Size…
Display Area Size: Standard Size, Custom Size, Special Size…
Installation Dimension: Standard Size, Custom Size, Special Size…
Crystal Mirror — Silver Mirror Plus
Crystal Mirror — Silver Mirror
Crystal Mirror — Golden Mirror
Crystal Mirror — Black Mirror
Crystal Black
Pearl White
IP Rating: IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
TV System: Analogue, Digital, Analogue & Digital Integrated
System Integration: IP TV, PC etc…
Audio Speakers Option: Built-in Speakers, External Speakers
HD Display, HD Broadcast Decoder
Standard Infrared Remote Control
IP68 Waterproof Remote Control
RS232 Intelligent Control Interface
Multi-Functional Intelligent Control Panel (Wall Controller)
The Light Sensation Touch Key
Embedded Installation
Hanging Installation
Outdoor Anti-theft type Installation
Multi-angle Rotatable and Flexible Structure
Cooperative Installation with Custom Design