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Luxurite Outdoor TV

Now the spring is coming. It's about time to get rid of the humidity and gloom in winter and go enjoy the summer sunshine, the breeze and the nature. The new game season’s getting started, go have a good time at the bars or watch your favorite game show at home, but how can we do both at the same time? With Luxurite outdoor TV, a high-end audio visual product, now you can enjoy your TV program outdoor.

Outdoor TV that works all weather

You may have the experience to watch ordinary TV outside, but general TVs are not suitable to be put outside at all times. The rain, snow or any kind of humidity will damage the TV. Luxurite outdoor TV is a high-end audio visual product that’s designed dedicatedly for outdoor all-weather environment performance. Its unique waterproof/moisture proof(IP66 passed) can provide you a wonderful audio visual experience outside.

Anti-Reflective Design
Considering the special outdoor environment, the design of Luxurite outdoor TV add special anti-reflective glass on the TV panel, so when there’s direct sunlight on the TV, there won’t be strong reflection on the TV screen, and you can enjoy the program outside under the sunlight. OutDoor TV
Anti-Theft Installation Bracket
OutDoor TVLuxurite outdoor TV's special designed anti-theft installation bracket makes it possible to put the TV outside with no safety concerns. Unique anti-theft bracket installation bracket outstands Luxurite outdoor TV than other TVs when it comes to outdoor performance.
Comprehensive TV functions and interfaces
Although Luxurite outdoor TV is designed and manufactured solely for outdoor working environment, it doesn’t mean she’s any deficient in TV functions or interfaces. On the contrary, she’s a functionally comprehensive high-end audio visual device. High Definition mode, RS232 interface, HDMI interface, incorporate digital/analog design, and USB/card reader interface, Luxurite outdoor TV has them all. She guarantees you a colorful outdoor entertainment experience.
LUXURITE Outdoor TV were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. main products include 42-inch, 47", 52", 55", 65",70-inch and 82 inch outdoor TV. You can customize the size and color.([email protected])
Outdoor TV Technical specifications
Functions Specification
LCD SIZE 42-inch, 47″, 52″, 55″, 65″,70-inch and 82-inch
Overall Size (mm) 1139(W)X752(H) X126(D) / 1224(W)X790(H) X140(D)
Weight KG 50/ 55
Resolution 1920 x 1080 full-HD 1080p
Contrast Ratio 4000:1 / 5000:1
Brightness 700nits / 800nits
Response Time 5ms / 6.5ms
Lifes 50,000 hours / 50,000 hours
Viewing Angle 178(H)/178 (V) / 178(H)/178 (V)
Input Voltage 100-240V 4A 50-60Hz
Power consumption 200w
Audio 2 x10W (AUDIO OUT)
RF Selection Tuning
TELETEXT 300 pages
OSD Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
System Video system PAL, SECAM, DVB-T
Audio system BG, DK, I, L/L’
Input Signal DTV (DVB-T) Modulation COFDM 2K/8K QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM.
Video System [email protected]
Audio System MPEG-1/2 layer 1,2,
Basic Function EPG, Subtitle, Teletext, (EURO), MHEG-5(UK)
AV, S-video AV Cable input, S-video input
Audio Audio 1 (R/L speaker input)
Audio 2 (R/L speaker input)
PC DB 15 VGA Input
HDMI 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p,1080i, 1080p
specific function
2 SIDE Anti-Reflective panel
IP66 waterproof
waterproof Power Supply Component
Remote controller
waterproof Power Supply Component
Anti-theft bracket
Quick guid
Dust cover
Out Door TV
Out Door TV
Out Door TV
Installation Position.

Luxurite OUTDOOR TV uses special Dual Anti-Reflective glass panel as TV finish to reduce reflectivity for better outdoor viewing effect. Even though, strong light 20-40 times of room light directly to the screen will reduce the visibility, even impair the screen. Choosing a proper installation position will be very helpful for your daily usage.
Please follow the instructions below to help you choose the right installation spot.


The best choice is to install your TV under the shadow of certain shelters like corridor, trees or terraces.

Install the TV

Check installation accessories, including the TV, hanging bracket, screws, remote control, power cord. 1. Fix parts A,B of the bracket to VESA holes on the back of the TV. 2. Fix part C of the bracket onto the wall, where you’d like the TV to be installed. 3. Fix the hanging stick of Part C onto part A, B with. 4. Add safety lock to the lock catch.


Connect all necessary connecting line and wires before you fix the TV on the wall. It will be more convenient this way.

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